Security Features of iOS Platform

Are you an iPhone user? Do you know the security standards of the iPhone you are using? Apple, the world class manufacturer of mobile and tablet devices, designed iOS platform, keeping security at its core. Perhaps, iOS is the major leap that is very helpful for the security of mobile devices. This operating system of Apple not only protects the device but can safeguard the entire ecosystem like users do on the network; they do with locally or with major internet services. Many of the features are available by default, so IT departments don’t have to perform intensive configurations. There are many companies of iPhone App Development India that can help you to get your business app on the iOS platform. In this blog post, we will read about how security features, as well as technology, are implemented on the iOS platform. Also, we provide the background information and the core security features of devices.

Code Signing- A Runtime Security Feature

Being runtime security feature of iOS platform, it (code signing) helps in the prevention of unauthorized applications that are running on the devices. Also, these apps can execute code that is signed by a trusted and valid signature. Regardless your iPhone app is designed by iPhone App Development India or by default in the device, code signing is important. Developers can install these trusted and valid certificated on their devices by a provisioning profile that is signed by Apple. This profile comes with a set of entitlements and embedded developer certificate that developer can grant to apps. When apps are producing, all codes should be signed by Apple during the submission process of AppStore. This process is very effective as it allows Apple to control over applications and govern functionality and APIs used by developers.

Make Use of Mitigation Features

ASLR or Address Space Layout is a leading security feature that helps in increasing the vulnerability complexity exploitation by randomizing where code and data are mapped in the procedures address space. At First, ASLR was introduced to iOS in the version of beta 4.3 and after its inception, it has improved gradually with each release. There are two scenarios of ASLR in the applications- Full ASLR and Partial ASLR. An application with full ASLR scenario, the application memory areas is randomized. Also, iOS will load a binary that is enabled with PIE at a random address every time it is carried out. On the other hand, application with partial ASLR will use a static region for the dynamic linker and will load the base binary at a preset address.

iOS applications add extra exploit mitigation at an accumulated time via stack smashing protection. However, in particular, Stack canaries introduce a few protections against the overflows of the buffer by placing a random familiar value prior to the local variables. Then the stack canary is checked when returning to the function. In the case of overflow of canary or it gets corrupted, the app immediately finds out and protect the overflow.

Sandboxing- A Self-Contained Environment of iOS

Sandbox is a self-contained environment that helps third-party applications to run on iOS. It isolates apps from other apps as well as from the operating system. The operations conducted in the sandbox are controlled by the seat belt profile. However, the third party apps are consigned the profile of ‘container’ that limits the file access to the home directory app, enable to read and write to the address book, access to media and unrestricted access to the outbound network links along with the exception of network sockets of Launchd’s


All the data available on the iOS system is encrypted by default using block-based encryption along with the File System key that is stocked up on the flash. When the device is switched on the crypto accelerator that is hardware based, it unlocks the file system completely. Additionally, using the Data protection (DP) API, individual files, keychain items and hardware encryption can be encrypted. DP uses a major derived from the passcode of the device. Therefore, when the device has locked the content that is encrypted utilizing the Data protection API will be not accessible until cached in the memory.


iOS devices offer many advanced security features that are easy to use. The major security feature like encryption of device is not configurable so the users can’t even disable them by any means. Indeed, keeping security aspects of iOS is very important to safeguard your device with any threat.

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