Security professionals invest in IoT management app Biizlo

Security professionals invest in IoT management app Biizlo 1

Biizlo, which is a Mumbai based home security startup has now secured Rs 3.2 crore in the funding round of angel. The investors include the Joge Bhardwaj and Ritesh Sharma, the directors of the Eagle Group.

The new fund will help to boost the sales, along with the marketing, operations, and technology.

Biizlo is operated and owned by the Saaibizz Ventures and was founded by the Nishant Katyal in the year 2017. The startup provides the home security with the help of a mobile app for the social residents. Biizlo has an aim to change the way the residents manage and authorize the visitors and to allow residents to securely communicate and coordinate effectively for the visitor and exit processes.

The residents will get the instant notifications on their mobile app with the Biizlo Shield App which is operated by the trained security guards at the entry gates, about the visitors and details of the visitors like the mobile number, photo, vehicle details and other.

The startup as of now is working and operational in Mumbai and is soon going to roll out its services in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune.

Nishant Katyal, Founder, and CEO, Biizlo, said, “Biizlo plans to penetrate the market by giving more emphasis to a customer-driven approach. Our vision is to replace the archaic paper-based visitor management system, ensuring the digitalization of residential communities to have a crime-free city.”

Some of the other startups are also looking to make an opportunity in this domain to provide security solutions to the society residents.

In the month of October 2018, mobile security management startup myGate has secured Rs 65 crore in the funding sound of Series A by the Prime Ventures Partners.

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