Sega to Acquire ‘Angry Birds’ Developer Rovio for $1 Billion

Sega to Acquire ‘Angry Birds’ Developer Rovio for $1 Billion 1

Japan’s Sega Sammy Holdings Inc, has recently mentioned that the company is planning to consider acquiring Finland’s Rovio Entertainment Oyj. With respect to the news, nothing has been decided yet. Investors made a guess with the prospect that the company is sending its shares lower.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sega Sammy was nearing a deal to buy the Finnish firm behind the mobile game Angry Birds for about $1 billion which counts to around Rs. 8,200 crores. Rovio has said that there is no final and official decision made regarding the same, while it is true that they are considering various strategic option. The matter will be discussed during a board of directors meeting which offers the iconic action game series ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

Sega Sammy shares have fallen to 4.3 % by mid-day in a broader market.

In the domestic market, the Sega Sammy’s mobile gaming business is centred, while ‘Angry Birds’ is well-known overseas. The acquisition would make it easier for Sega Sammy to grow at the global level. There has been no big hit other than Angry Birds, which was originally launched 10 years ago. With the increasing level of technology, investors are taking the deal as a positive and potential one.

Rovio collected around 683 million euros takeover bid in January from Playtika Holding Corp which is a company of Israel. Finland-based Rovio launched Angry Birds in the year 2009 on mobile platforms. The series has also led to various additional properties that are inclusive of films, TV series, and merchandise.

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