Self Driving cars for transportation is targeted by 2020

Knowing the fact that self- driven cars are the future in the field of transportation. There are some reports which states that around 10 million vehicles based on self- driven system are going to run on the roads by the year 2020. They will help in moving passengers from one place to another place, just similar to driver less taxis.

They will provide more better transportation for packages and raw materials from one city to another city. And they will even deliver foods, home packages, groceries to apartments in all over the country.

But to get benefit from all sort of situations an autonomous cars, there is always an equal chance for risk and this risk is main point of concern.

There are few couples of surveys that are published by American Automobile Association in the month of January and in Gallup in May stated that there are 63 percent of people have been reported that they feel afraid while getting a ride from fully self- driven vehicles and more half among them said they will never going choose  to get a ride from any self- driven vehicle.


Data said that a typical self- driven arrangement made up of three primary kinds of sensors: distance- measuring lidar, color cameras, and radars.

The computers present on board has fuse that make data streams jointly and apply intelligence. The main focus is to have system distinguish a pedestrian from a common bicyclist, there is also four way intersect at the roundabout, from dogs to small children, and other millions of objects, road types, and driving styles.


Rush driving among self- driven to reach there desired destination fast can make the consequences  a tragic one.

In May, a self- driven Volvo XC90 which is a Uber prototype- bangs very badly with a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. This accident gave goose bumps to many of the self0 driven manufacturers and customers as well. And in the month of March, a semi- automated

Tesla’s Model X  was on Autopilot mode hited the concrete barrier, and in with accident a 38 year old man who is the Apple software engineer Mr. Wei Huang died. Huang just ignored the warning alerts given during his ride. Self- driven vehicles must not first one who got involve in such road accidents but keeping the changes updated is important.


Written by varsha singh

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