Significant Role of HTML5 in the Future of Mobile App Development

Significant Role of HTML5 in the Future of Mobile App Development 1

Mobile app development is a lucrative field. There are several technologies at work in this field such as frameworks, programming languages, development tools etc. These technologies are playing a significant role in the innovation of the development sector. And as the demand and user base of mobiles are increasing the need for good mobile applications will also keep on increasing.

HTML5 is one of such few technologies that is considered as the future of mobile app development sector. It has turned into a trend for a developer to use HTML5 in the application that is being developed. HTML5, in a nutshell, is a markup language that is used for structuring and presenting mobile and web pages. The HTML5 enables the designer to use expressive forms with different fields for input, search, and other different purposes. The codes of HTML5 is clear and neater compared to previous versions of HTML and other markup languages. Thus there are many more advantages that make HTML5 considered as a robust development language for the purpose of mobile app development.

As the user is becoming more vigilant regarding the product that they are using, it becomes pivotal for the developers to create applications that are not only interactive but also good in functionality. HTML5 has the potential to help the developer in developing such applications.

Standard benchmark of an application

The need for an efficient application is needed at this time where the mobile device count has exceeded over a billion user and is expected to reach 5billion users by 2019. And since mobile applications are the fuel that makes the running of mobile devices possible it is important to develop such efficient applications. The users are becoming smarter regarding the choice of the application based on its functionality and design appeal. Thus HTML5 helps the developer to deliver applications that can satisfy the Standard benchmark of a mobile application

Benefits of HTML5

The HTML5 is specifically designed to work across multiple major platforms and operating systems and web browser. This feature gives the developer a freedom to develop customized design option for the application. The HTML5 developed application can work much faster than any other conventional or traditional application. You can also add the icon of the application even if you are browsing your application from a mobile device. This means that you can add an icon of your application that is developed in HTML5 in the home screen of your device if you are surfing from a mobile device.

HTML5 the favourite tool of mobile app developer

According to a survey conducted across Europe, the USA and Asia over 50% of developers rely on HTML5 in developing their applications. And as per another survey according to the Strategy Analytics Survey HTML5 has shown a remarkable growth rate of 20% in the future according to the preferences and behavior of coding of the developers. These surveys clearly suggest the prominence of HTML5 in the development sector.

Future of mobile app development

Although HTML5 doesn’t rely on any OS or specific device, it will always be known as the language of future in the mobile application domain. For mobile app developers, the technological flow is always downward where they cannot look back. In simple words, they always have to use the latest technology so that they can develop applications with greater functionality and efficiency. If HTML5 is able to establish an association with the device hardware then it can be a true competition to native app development. Hence there are many developers who are working on this for enhanced usage of the application.

These are the factors that suggest and concludes the significance of HTML5 in the mobile app development sector. If you are a business looking for developing an application for your business then makes sure that the application is developed in HTML5. If you opt for companies of Mobile App Development in India, USA, Australia, etc that uses HTML5 in the applications they develop, then you might have chances on developing your application with enhanced app usability and functionality.

Written by Parth Patel

Mr. Parth Patel is a digital marketer and Mobile Technologies Expert having 7+ years of experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing and Mobile Technologies.He has published many blogs and articles on marketing, Mobile trends and latest tools and technology.

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