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Silicon Labs Targets Internet of Things Decades From Now

A time will come when a computer will be available of the size of fingernails. Already, you wear computers around your wrist in form of smart watches. Everyone is saying internet of things will be revolutionary and you will be doing more in terms of manufacture, production, utilities and much more. However, so much excitement is after all much ado for nothing because some of the biggest names are not ready to jump into the bandwagon of IoT.

They believe that multiple decades have to pass before IoT resumes its complete functioning. They remind that any invention, when it arrives in the market, is the cause of unprecedented excitement around the world. Hence, IoT, like its predecessors will take time to hit the market, no matter how its supporters try to portray it. However, he does not deny that IoT may arrive faster than expected because connection between various modules is increasing every day.Silicon Labs Targets Internet of Things Decades From Now

Increasing expansion of IoT

The kind of chips that are used for sensors and increasing connectivity are facing an increasing demand. IoT has had a 50 percent increase over the last two years and if it shows a similar growth rate, it will reach the pinnacle within a few days. IoT, for example, can empower a small company build something radically new precisely because it enriches the enterprise through this wide network of connections. Hence, the concern lies with power chips, embedded memory, processors and radio signal generators that work with a wide range of communication channels. They understand the necessity of connection in designing the IoT product because one cannot live without the other. More importantly, these components need to be compressed and squeezed into ever-smaller devices. Hence, the hub of these technologies, Silicon Labs, has been working towards these changes.

Wireless communication is the future

Software stacks are encouraged more and more to depend on wireless technology. In fact, Silicon Labs have developed something called the Simplicity Studio which can help in managing multiple situations as well as daily utilities. The devices embedded in everyday lives produce huge amount of data and these data can in turn be invested to make profits. So much so, new acquisitions are being made on companies working on technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as wireless sensor chips.

It is only a part of the evolution of the company as less time is require to connect devices to each other as well as the cloud. So, devices can be remotely connected and updated regularly without hiccups. In fact, protocol-independent scenarios can be unlocked too as new software is coming that will unlock communication between devices using vastly different communication protocols.

A huge force at work

Currently, a huge amount of engineers have understood the demand of such technology and they are investing their intellectual labour behind it. These types of tasks are finding increasing relevance in the industry. In fact, operating systems too are becoming customized in real-time so that developers do not need to use host processors anymore. Silicon Labs, hence, is no longer simply about making chips, but about making chips that have a direct integration with the changing faces of communication technology.

From household appliances to supply line networks, Internet of Things will be pervasive in the coming years. Silicon Labs are preparing themselves from the core to be able to lead the change. More importantly, they understand that the network is still young and it can be moulded into particular directions. Hence, they are harnessing particular kinds of technology related to IoT. Their acquisitions such as Telegesis, Ember and Bluegiga technology only points to that direction.

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