Site Architecture Plays key role to achieve desired SEO results

By Sujain Thomas
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Site Architecture Plays key role to achieve desired SEO results 1

You will need to integrate your site with the Google Search Console so that you get the desired SEO results. For this you will need to make several HTML improvements and most importantly focus on the site architecture which is perhaps the most important measure of on-page SEO.


This part is also the trickiest one because it can get super-techy real fast. However, there are a few very simple and easy things that you should know about it. These things are very easy to handle to improve your SEO rankings.

If you follow different successful websites or even any SEO consultant for that matter you will come to know how important and effective it is to have good website architecture.

  • This will result in more visitors who will have a better user experience as well while they navigate through your pages.
  • It will help you to focus on things such as providing a safe connection, ensuring faster loading times, and most importantly create a mobile friendly design.

Ideally, you must make sure that you map out your site architecture even before you buy the domain. This will allow you to get into the groove and certainly into the head of your users. Apart from that it will also ensure that you reverse engineer the best way to provide a great user experience.

About site architecture

In order to ensure that your site has the best architecture to provide the best search engine experience you will need to optimize several other things as well. This will make your site more accessible to Google thereby helping it to rank well in the SERPs.

  • The most important thing to consider during framing the site architecture is to make it easy to crawl. For this you will need to use better and more relevant links that will help the users to move from one page of your site to another more easily.
  • You must also make sure that Google can index all of the pages of your website properly so that these can report back to it that your site is a good result.
  • In addition to that you must make sure that the web of the links is thicker in your site. This will make it easier for the spiders to reach to all of these links and pages thereby giving enough scope to the search engine to understand your site better and rank it higher.
  • You may even make the job of Google easier by crafting a well-planned sitemap using a simple plugin especially if you are using WordPress. You can take the help of a XML sitemap generator available online.

Lastly, make sure that you do not produce a duplicate content as that will severely hurt your rankings. However, you must also avoid making the common mistake of thinking that everything that you include in your page must be original.

Remember, re-posting your content is a good thing only if you publish it in the right way so that it does not look like a spam.

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