Skills development in Singapore to boost AWS

Skills development in Singapore to boost AWS 1

Conducted by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) LearningHub the small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) in Singapore’s city state will help cope up with the new generated technological disruption through their two new training courses which also include about applying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help boost their businesses. The Singapore’s labour movement also known as the labour movement’s training services arm for the same has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will be available from the end of July 2018.

These courses of SMEs will help businesses of small and medium sized enterprises to learn how to use slew of AWS services to build simple projects and gain a basic understanding about cloud computing. In these two days courses participants will also receive up to S$75 worth of AWS credits that can be used to offset the cost of using AWS cloud services.

Choosing to partner with AWS was due to LearningHub’s partnership with other institutions in the region such as the undergoing training of more than 10,000 engineering students in India’s Andhra Pradesh region to enhance their skills development corporation.

LearningHub’s trial programme conducted ahead of the launch of two new courses, one sales representative who took part said tasks such as calling a cab or tracking the use of medication can be programmed to perform through the knowledge on how to use the AWS IoT button practically.

Founder of Little Lives, a Singapore-based company by Sun Ho said AWS cloud services have been instrumental to the growth of her business and through its use of cloud services it has helped her tap computing and storage resources and shorten the time it takes to process large media files on demand. An app developed by the company which enables pre-schools to share photos and videos of pupils with parents. This will have benefits such as content acceleration distribution to parents who may be located overseas through using Amazon CloudFront.

These new training courses will make the learning experience more relevant and practical for the Singaporeans as these courses will develop highly sought after cloud computing skills said Vincent Quah, regional head of education, research, healthcare and non-profit organizations at AWS Asia-Pacific.

Spending on public cloud services and infrastructure in Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, is slated to reach US$15.1bn in 2018, an increase of 35.7% from 2017, according to a report published by IDC.

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