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Dmitriy Akulov is the Founder of PerfOps, which offers load balancing, smart global routing service and infrastructure monitoring. Dmitriy is a web performance expert with years of experience in the CDN and DNS industries.

Dmitriy Akulov

What is PerfOps and what problems do you solve?

PerfOps is a platform for distributed infrastructure monitoring and smart website traffic load-balancing and routing.

We are first and foremost trying to help people, regardless of who they are and their budget.

We were the first company to offer DNS and CDN data for free to everyone on our websites, and Existing companies that had similar data were hiding it behind sales calls and contracts.

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We recently introduced a new load-balancing product, FlexBalancer, and we are the only company offering a free plan, free online tools, transparent pricing, free support, and a polished user interface in this space.

Can you tell us about your background and journey?

I’ve been focused on servers and infrastructure, content delivery networks (CDNs), and domain name system (DNS) since the beginning of my career. When I was 16 years old and working as a junior developer, I built jsDelivr, a free multi-CDN for open source projects. Today, it serves 45 billion requests every month. That alone opened many doors for me and provided me with the experience and specialized knowledge.

After working for a US-based CDN company for a few years, I decided to start my own consulting firm. This eventually led me to start PerfOps and put together a talented team to  build out our services that helped me grow the company into what it is today.

What are some of the major challenges companies face when it comes to servers and infrastructure today?

Ensuring security and maintaining 100% up-time are the major challenges companies face. This increases the complexity and difficulty of maintaining these systems and results in significant costs that can negatively impact smaller companies.

What are some of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to cybersecurity and cyber attacks today?

One of the most costly attacks a company can experience is a DDOS attack. Bandwidth with all cloud providers is very expensive – sometimes more than 10X that of regular hosting providers. That means that a malicious actor could simply launch an attack that would not impact the service, but slowly increase the bandwidth expense to a point that a smaller company would not be able to pay.

Have you received funding?

We have received funding from two European VCs, Finch Capital and Sunfish Partners.

Can you provide any numbers on your user base?

We currently have more than 3,000 registered users, including many large tech companies.

What are your expansion plans?

Our next step is to drastically scale our team across development, support, and sales. We are also planning to open an office in the US to be even closer to our customers.

How else can Techiexpert help spread the word about PerfOps?

Techiexpert can help spread the word about PerfOps by reviewing our services, showing readers how to use them, and spreading the word on social media. You can follow us on Twitter here.

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