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Smart Parking Solution for better Experience - Parkmate 1

Prior to founding of Parkmate, I served in law enforcement with the central government for nearly a decade. The inspiration for our venture stemmed from a personal experience. In 2017, while in Andhra Pradesh, I purchased a new car and wished to take my mother for a ride. During a family function in Delhi, we encountered parking challenges, leading to my car being towed and damaged. This incident highlighted a widespread problem, prompting me to collaborate with my co-founder, Abhimanyu, and delve into solutions for parking issues. Thus, Parkmate was born.

What challenges have you faced while introducing your solution to the public?

Educating customers, building trust and changing habits have been primary challenges. However, the shift towards convenience among newer generations and car owners is promising. We have observed that people are willing to pay for convenient parking solutions. Additionally, garnering support from municipal corporations, development authorities and law enforcement is crucial. We actively engage with these entities to educate and raise awareness among customers, leveraging local market associations to facilitate this process.

where your services are available ? Expansion plans

We are planning expansions into Mumbai, Lucknow, and other cosmopolitan areas in the near future.


key features of the Parkmate, Benefits to users and businesses?

Parkmate facilitates seamless parking experiences for users by allowing them to specify their destination and find attendants waiting upon arrival. Additionally, our Trident system caters to businesses and smart cities, integrating technologies such as NPCI’s FASTag and automatic number plate recognition for efficient parking management. By offering these comprehensive solutions, we ensure convenience and optimization for both users and businesses.

How does Parkmate address Privacy concerns ?

Parkmate prioritizes customer data privacy by adhering to industry standards and employing dedicated teams to ensure data security. We collaborate with organizations like NPCI to safeguard customer data, with no intent to monetize it. Additionally, we comply with privacy standards set by platforms like Play Store and App Store.

What were the primary challenges encountered?

Overcoming competition from existing parking systems and navigating the complexities of city administrations were significant challenges. Additionally, differing government regulations across states, particularly concerning tendering processes, posed obstacles. However, through strategic planning and adaptation, we have managed to address these challenges effectively.

When was Parkmate launched ? User feedback influenced improvements.

Parkmate was launched on July 24, 2022, and since then, user feedback has been instrumental in enhancing our services. We have continually updated our application based on user suggestions, with a new app set to launch soon, incorporating extensive customer feedback to ensure a more intuitive and secure experience.

Significant improvement in the updated app compared to the previous one?

Updated app streamlines the process of booking valet, ensuring instant availability with fewer steps. We have introduced a dashboard for manual valet assignment, optimizing operations and minimizing wait times for users.

How does Parkmate adapt its services to meet local demands?

Recognizing the unique dynamics of each city, Parkmate offers tailored solutions to meet local demands. Whether it is pricing strategies or technological integrations, we customize our offerings to align with the preferences and behaviors of residents in different urban landscapes.

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