Smart Robots! They Are No More Just Fictional Characters!


As a child, the thought that robots are all set to destruct the world would make me consider them as nothing but foul villains. The big enigmatic metal thing in The Day the Earth Stood Still was the reason I would spend sleepless nights.

However, Dr. Smith’s doltish robot wanted to be decent even though his creator’s evil intentions were looming large. But, they were the invention of creative minds. They were just fictional characters before. And, today’s non-fictional robots have not been created out of any vile intention. The development in automation or robotics has been completely for benign purposes.

The smart robots of today are intended to perform different operations without human intrusion. Taking recourse to Artificial Intelligence (AI), they can literally do wonder! Also, they can team up and learn from the conduct of humans.

When it comes to working in a hazardous environment, the workers might get asked to work in several perilous situations. For instance, working in the presence of high-level chemicals is not only hard-hitting but also involves life-threatening risks.

On the contrary, automation would offer a perfect solution, as it will continue working without harm. Industries that entail working in an awfully low or high temperature have a huge turnover of employees owing to the nature of the work. Smart robots, on the other hand, can curtail down wastage of materials and exterminate the need for human resources to place themselves at unnecessary risks.

Repetitive tasks are again considered as the most irksome job by human employees. After a certain point in time, concentration levels break quite naturally. Apart from leading to costly errors for the business, it can also cause serious injury to the resources.  Making the best use of robotic automation, a production company can actually get benefitted in more than one way. Smart robots are intended to make repetitive tasks in an easier and simpler way.

Tackling such a tedious job can be best handled by smart robots. This way, the employees will be given the opportunity to flaunt their skills on other areas that the company as a whole will reap benefit from.

Apart from creating a better environment, it would also heighten the profit margin of the business. With more focus put onto things they are best at, the overall productivity will increase indeed.

With robotic automation on board, there will be no holidays or shift time allotted for this smart tech. it can easily be set to work on a recurrent cycle, and as long as it is controlled properly, it will continue working the same way as expected. Rise in the production level at a comparatively lower cost would definitely be beneficial for any manufacturer.

Eliminating all the latent risks by meeting the required standard without fail, smart robots can make a business creep toward ultimate success. A plethora of new business possibilities get created and with more manufactured products on the line, the chances for expansion get multiplied yet more.

This way, the outlay cost can be recovered in a pretty short span of time and the gains, not to mention, would certainly be exponential.

At the same time, the use of smart robots is not limited to industrial or corporate purpose only; rather; they have started becoming quite popular in household chores as well. For example, vacuum robots have almost changed the way we clean our homes.

When you can program it in advance, you can also enjoy exclusive service. Yes, you don’t even need to be at home in order to run it. Turning it on and setting up a cleaning schedule is all you have to do. And, in the meantime, you just can do whatever you want to do. Go for a movie, complete the pending task from office or read a book.

And, just like you see in a movie, all the rooms are perfectly clean, a vacuum robot will make you experience the same. And, you really don’t have to take a crack to do it.  Neither they need any special configuration nor any fancy programming. Just a press on the button and the device will reach up to your expectation.

According to Allied Market Research, the global smart robot market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2018 to 2025. Increase in the growth of industrial automation, interception of robotics in the digital world and sound government aid for factory automation solutions have fueled the growth.

Moreover, the growing concern for workplace safety and mounting demand for smart offices as well as homes have paved the way for a number of opportunities in the segment.

On the other hand, high manufacturing costs have curbed growth to some extent. However, the dominance of several profit-making ventures has almost downplayed the factor.

To conclude, it can be stated that the smart robot market is expanding quite rapidly and it’s anticipated to boom yet more in the next few years.

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