Smart Streetlights Illuminate the Future of Smart Cities at Smart Cities Connect 2023

By Sunil Sonkar
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Smart Streetlights Illuminate the Future of Smart Cities at Smart Cities Connect 2023

At the Smart Cities Connect 2023 conference, experts explained how smart streetlights are doing way more than just lighting up streets. In places like Memphis and Philadelphia, these smart streetlights are becoming really handy tools that can make life better for everyone.


Mike Grigsby from Ubicquia explained that when you put smart technology on regular streetlights, it is like giving them superpowers. These smart streetlights don’t just shine, but they can also let us know about the light as well as what is going on around it. They have special sensors that can count people and cars, read license plates, watch the streets with cameras and even check the air.

Smart streetlights create a big network across the city, like a spider web of information. This helps city leaders decide things to keep everyone safe and make the city a better place to live. It is like a cool way for cities to get smarter.

In Memphis, Brad Gates from Memphis Light, Gas, and Water talked about how these smart streetlights help save energy and make it easier to fix when they break. The LED lights they use last for a really long time, so they don’t need to be changed often. This is not just about saving money, but it is also about keeping the streets bright and safer for everyone.

Over in Philadelphia, Tony Rinaldi from Ameresco talked about their big project to upgrade lots of streetlights. This project is making the city safer, saving energy and making things work better. The city used a bunch of money (around $90 million) to make this happen.

So, when you see a streetlight next time, know it might be doing more than just lighting your way. It could be making your city smarter and better for everyone.

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