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Solving the country’s addressing problem using geospatial data - Pataa Navigations 1

What challenge is Pataa app designed to address?

The Pataa application is designed to solve the problem of unstructured address systems. We have mapped the entire world onto a digital grid comprising 57 trillion 3x3m squares with unique identification codes called Square Codes. The difference between Pataa and square code is that Pataa is a short personalized code that comprises users’ geotagged location and other assisting data like voice directions and photos. In comparison, Square codes are predefined codes that mark a 3x3m location block in the grid. With the implementation of these two systems, any location on the planet can be easily identifiable and reachable.


Is there any upcoming collaboration or partnership with big company?

In our efforts to expand the reach of our product to a broader audience, we are constantly trying to onboard more and more partners to spread awareness of our application. We have already tied up with many e-commerce websites and are also in talks with the Government for collaborations. In our efforts, an MOU has already been signed between Smart City Indore and Pataa to bring more revolutionary solutions to address related problems.

How does Pataa intend to deal with the problems with the unregistered address?

Pataa intends to solve the problem of unregistered addresses by giving even unnamed locations an identity with the help of geotagged locations and addresses. Every Pataa consists of a user’s exact geotagged location with a precision of up to 3 mts, thereby making it easy to identify and locate.

What role the Pataa app plays in drone deliveries

Pataa offers specialized drone delivery technology that includes personalized codes and pads that users can place on an open area of their property. These pads enable drones to identify drop-off locations, facilitating the delivery process more manageable.

Any Competition in the Market

Many other market organizations aim to solve the problem of unstructured address systems, just like Pataa. But, the uniqueness of Pataa lies in the fact that we provide our users with the ability to personalize and customize their shortcode to make it their own. Also, our addressing system is multi-layered, i.e. we have geotagged addresses and precise locations and the ability to add voice directions, property photos and more which makes identifying even easier.

How is helping out the e-commerce and logistics industry

At Pataa, we have created an interlinked web of products that aid the e-commerce and logistics industries. For example, with our Address Autofill API, online store owners can facilitate faster checkouts with one-click address form filling and provide store owners with verified addresses of customers that are also geotagged for high precision accuracy. Logistics providers, in turn, can optimize their sorting and delivery zones and schedules with the help of the verified and geotagged locations of customer orders. Delivery can reach these geotagged and accurate addresses easily with the help of user-added voice directions and property photos.

Future Goals of the company

Pataa intends to penetrate the logistics and e-commerce market with an interlinked web of products that create an ecosystem of shipment and delivery-enhancing technology. We aim to assist logistics organizations in enhancing operations efficiency while reducing costs at the same time. We expect to raise 5 million in the series A funding stage and are already in talks with investors for the same.

How the app works in a remote location

Pataa’s address pad also works in remote locations with the help of Pataa’s square code technology. Pataa has divided the whole planet into 57 trillion squares of 3 x 3 m size. Pataa pads are not the same as your regular Pataa code as the intent of use differs. For a normal Pataa, you place the map pin on the entrance of your property, whereas for a drone Pataa, the pin must be placed on an open area of your property to ensure the drone can easily navigate and maneuver to the location of the pad.

Does Pataa intend to launch new services?

We are going to launch applications for enterprises and organizations, and also we are planning on implementing services like location intelligence (like nearby), video doorbell and augmented reality.

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