Some of the Impact of AI in Cameras

Some of the Impact of AI in Cameras 1

Artificial intelligence has gone from the imagination of people like Philip K. Dick and Athur C. Clarke, and is now a part of every aspect of technology. The scope of Artificial Intelligence has expanded and evolved over time. In the broadcast of terms, artificial intelligence is anything or any instance where a machine is able to reason and make decisions which are not explicitly defined. It is presented as a life-changing feature.

A human brain can never perform calculations as fast as a blazingly fast processor, but it has the ability to decode the world around it and distinguish between objects, animals, humans, shapes and sizes. This is what AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to bring to the table-the ability to allow smart cameras (and other devices) to understand surroundings and make their own decisions.

The ability for a computer to understand human speech is a form of AI, and it’s been creeping onto cameras for the last few years the basic work that AI does with the cameras are computational photography, time-saving photo editing and voice activation.

Security cameras along with smart cameras are also getting a boost of AI. AI can help connected cameras do a better job of determining a real threat from something that’s not. These features are making AI in cameras more reliable and are coming into play more often. So the impact of AI in smart cameras on our society cannot be ignored.

Therefore it would be highly wrong to say that AI in cameras hasn’t changed our lives. Because one or other way it has impacted our life. And, it is only a beginning as AI has lots of surprises stored up as our future is all wrapped around it.

Artificial intelligence may well need to rethink its artificiality, because a new kind of intelligence is going to emerge where there shall be emotional bonding, a relation akin to human-to-human interaction will emerge. This is surely a blow to the very ideal of separation between human and machine because now, machines can even think and react better than humans. This is surely exciting and scary because the implications of it can be far-reaching to say the least.

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