Somos Launches IoT Identity Management Service to Bolster Cybersecurity

Somos introduces SomosID, safeguarding IoT devices from cyber threats.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Somos Launches IoT Identity Management Service to Bolster Cybersecurity

Somos, a leading company in protecting business information from fraud and managing identities, has come up with a fantastic new solution to keep businesses safe from cyberattacks. Their latest innovation named SomosID safeguards Internet-connected devices such as smart thermostats and security cameras.


Nowadays, while IoT gadgets help us stay connected, they are also easy targets for cybercriminals. SomosID assists businesses by providing a full list of their IoT gadgets. The list not only helps them see everything clearly but also boosts their online security.

According to Sri Ramachandran, Somos’ Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, the exponential growth of IoT technologies has undeniably improved efficiency across various industries. IoT gadgets, although important, add to online dangers a lot. Even though they make up just 8% of internet problems, they cause most of the attack traffic and over 40% of service shutdowns.

Not knowing enough about IoT devices makes the problem worse. With multiple stakeholders involved in supply, management and communication, accountability for security becomes blurred. Regular security methods are not enough to handle the dangers from IoT devices.

SomosID helps by letting businesses see and control their IoT devices better. It gives them tools to follow each device’s identity, know what it’s made of, and spot any issues it might have. This info keeps getting updated as long as the device is used. Owners can watch over their devices and get alerts right away if there is a problem.

Prateek Kathpal from SymphonyAI Industrial says that using IoT makes factories smarter and works better. He thinks we are in the middle of a big change called Industrial 4.0, where everything is becoming digital and IoT is a big part of it.

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