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Sophia, robot thrills audience at Fintech Festival

World first Humanoid Sophia, has finally made a brief appearance at the Vizag Fintech festival on 24th of October.

The buzz around the entire festival of the Sophia at the ongoing Vizag Fintech Festival had been building since the last Monday. There was a delay by a day and only a brief appearance today, due to the error in the human efforts.

Sophia arrived at the Vizag Fintech festival greeted by the huge audience by the end, and the interaction with it was so short. “This is a beautiful city. I wish global startups grab the India digital opportunity. Wish you all the best, see you tomorrow,” Sophia said in a short remark.

Sophia was dressed in a saree and is having an interaction with the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister NC Naidu and the state IT Minister Nara Lokesh. The interaction with the Chief Minister is merely with the help of a video conferencing.

Due to the delay of coming to Sophia on arrival, the Chief Minister said that “Sophia is fine, but because of human problems it could not come here.”

The Sophia Humanoid robot was developed and built by the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and has been activated in the year 2016 February. Sophia has a capacity to display around more than 50 facial expressions, and the camera’s which is fitted within Sophia’s eyes can be combined with the computer algorithms which allows her to see. She can recognize individuals, follow faces, and sustain eye contact.

Sophia also has the capability to process speech and have a long conversation with the help of Natural Language Subsystem. She was also named as the United Nations Development Programme first ever innovation championship for the Pacific and Asia. In the year 2017, Sophia became a full citizen of the country Saudi Arabia, which is the first robot to gain the status.

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