Soul Science: A Modern Approach to Encourage Self-Motivated Students

By Srikanth
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Soul Science: A Modern Approach to Encourage Self-Motivated Students 1

The era of education is restricted inside the four walls and centered only on rote memorization and standardised testing is long gone. However, in the ever-changing modern world, learners’ needs and goals have changed dramatically from traditional learning, with an emphasis on critical understanding, emotional intelligence, and social and emotional learning. As a result, academics and researchers have realized how critical it is to develop students who are self-motivated and driven by their curiosity and love of learning. Therefore, by breaking down the barriers to education, “soul science” has become a progressive substitute for the conventional educational system, seeking to develop students who are driven by their own interests. 

Soul Science: A New Approach to Motivating Students

Soul Science is a creative and forward-thinking solution for traditional teaching, which usually fails to encourage students’ true interest, creativity, and excitement. The approach recognises the importance of developing a person’s entire being in addition to their brains. Soul Science fundamentally reinterprets traditional educational paradigms, focusing on the development of self-motivated individuals through the integration of world literature and scriptures. Furthermore, soul science seeks to unlock learners’ full potential by developing empathy, critical thinking, and mental agility, helping pupils to comprehend who they are while also acquiring amazing abilities. As a result, in the field of education, soul science has become a ray of hope for instructors seeking to support self-motivated students.

According to Carl Jung, “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Soul science, as a progressive supplement to education, supports students in establishing their own identities, appreciating their unique skills, and evolving into self-driven individuals who contribute to both society and their personal well-being. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 identified social-emotional learning as a crucial tool to assist the educational system in generating “good human beings capable of rational thought and action, possessing compassion and empathy.” In keeping with this purpose, soul science recognises that everyone has an inner motive, a unique spirit, and a desire to learn more about themselves.

By integrating educational concepts with insights from soul science, this approach aims to maximise learners’ potential. Self-awareness, self-determination, goal-setting, mindfulness, meditation, philosophical and ethical perspectives, holistic education, and establishing a supportive environment for students are all emphasised in soul science. It invites pupils to look into their own inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Furthermore, it emphasises the importance of creating an environment that fosters students’ abilities and leadership traits by emphasising the importance of clear, SMART goals, incorporating mindfulness and meditation practises, and taking philosophical and ethical perspectives on self-awareness, empathy, and purpose into account.

Soul Science: An Momentum!

Soul science has emerged as a contemporary way of generating self-motivated students that studies the nuances of human motivation and consciousness since humans evolved in the modern period. Motivating students with a sense of purpose, freedom, internal rewards, and mindfulness activities can help them discover their inner fire.

As the twenty-first century progresses, the educational system must adapt to meet the changing demands of today’s students. Incorporating soul science into the classroom will benefit both society and the students. By fostering self-motivated and well-rounded individuals, soul science will help students learn abilities that are needed in an increasingly sophisticated and interconnected world. This will equip children with the resilience and purpose needed to tackle life’s challenges.

Article Contributed by Nirvaan Birla, Managing Director, Birla Open Minds

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