SoundHound Launches Chat AI Voice Assistant With Access to ChatGPT

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SoundHound is basically a music recognition software service. SoundHound is introducing ChatGPT to its Chat AI iOS and Android apps. The company promises that this integration will help its users in avoiding AI hallucinations. This ignorance is done by picking the right response through intelligent processing. With the help of this feature, businesses would become capable to access the platform and build AI-powered next-generation voice assistants. The SoundHound Chat AI app can be downloaded on Android Google Play Store and on iOS App Store too.

The news is been announced over the newsroom post on the official website of SoundHound. As per the mention made by SoundHound, the company is bringing together voice-enabled Generative AI and the power of a voice assistant.

The company also guarantees to grant permission to the users about submitting queries in the fastest, most efficient way. Responses are shared in the form of text or audio. SoundHound’s SoundHound Chat AI platform is helpful in the reduction of the number of unrecognized queries by leveraging a proprietary technology that accomplishes the role of selecting the most appropriate response from the most relevant domain. This has been done generally by leveraging ChatGPT, and real-time questions about weather, sports, stock, and flight statuses.

SoundHound AI Chat’s proprietary technology is named CaiLAN which stands for Conversational AI-Language and its machine learning technology is termed as CaiNet which stands for Conversational AI Network. CaiLAN is suitable for building knowledge domains on weather, restaurants, traffic, and local search. These knowledge bases can be created by using software engineering and a network of over 100 domains. If we talk about the roles and responsibilities of CaiNet, then CaiNet connects SoundHound’s internal and external models such as OpenAI’s GPT. CaiLAN intelligently decides the best results to facilitate the user.

Users desired to make utilization of applications that may do so by subscribing to a weekly or annual plan.

A smart AI-powered voice assistant has been popular in science fiction. Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and Co-Founder of SoundHound mentioned that SoundHound Chat AI ushers in a new phase of voice-enabled, conversational AI that makes the utilization only exist in science fiction.

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