Spade Secures $10M to Revolutionize Merchant Data Accessibility for Card Issuers

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Spade Secures $10M to Revolutionize Merchant Data Accessibility for Card Issuers

Spade just got a whopping $10 million in funding, led by Flourish Ventures and supported by a16z, Gradient Ventures, Y Combinator, Dash Fund and Everywhere Ventures (The Fund). This financial support is seen as a game-changer for the company that is set to change how card issuers handle and benefit from merchant data.


What’s Spade all about? In a world where nearly two billion credit card transactions take place every day, Spade is here to shake things up. It is like a superhero for outdated systems from the 1960s, addressing the big problem of hidden merchant info in transaction data—a headache for both card issuers and the consumers as well.

So, what is the plan with this fresh stack of cash? Spade has some ambitious goals. They want to grow their awesome team and make their merchant intelligence products even better. But that is not all—the company dreams big and aims to go global, moving beyond just the United States.

Kabir Kumar from Flourish Ventures is excited about Spade because it tackles a problem that has not been solved before. Spade understands that every millisecond matters in a payment transaction.

He also pointed out how Spade has been a hero in dealing with card fraud and disputes for various companies. Kumar is thrilled to work with the Spade team and make it part of Flourish’s group of companies looking to change how money stuff works.

As Spade looks forward, armed with this huge funding, they are not just changing how we access merchant data, but are on a mission to shake up the global financial scene. The future looks bright for the company and it is yet to be seen how they make the card transactions even better!

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