Spiideo Revolutionizes Sports Broadcasting with Ambitious AI Automation Goals

By Sunil Sonkar
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Spiideo Revolutionizes Sports Broadcasting with Ambitious AI Automation Goals

A revolution is on the card in the world of sports broadcasting, if believed to a Swedish startup Spiideo. It has lately secured a funding of $20 million and is set to bring automated sports streaming to a broader audience by using advanced AI camera system.


At the heart of its offerings is an AI model that is well trained to emulate professional camera operators. Spiideo CEO and co-founder Patrik Olsson said they have trained the tools for 15 sports that they support to properly capture the nuances of each one. The sophisticated AI directs the movements of panoramic cameras and simultaneously allow the system to fully automate the broadcasting and streaming of sports events.

As of now, the technology of Spiideo is in use at over 6,000 venues and by more than 4,000 teams globally. Some to name here are football clubs from England’s Premier League, Italy’s Serie A, and Germany’s Bundesliga. They are also covering NBA basketball teams and NHL ice hockey franchises.

The global value of sports media rights hit a record high of nearly $56 billion in 2023 as reported by SportBusiness. Spiideo offers rights-holders new avenues to scale their investments by automating production. they can monetize content that was previously too costly to produce.

The latest round of funding was led by Munich-based growth equity firm Cipio Partners. It brings the total funding of the startup to $40 million. The financial boost is learned to be accelerating the its mission to eliminate the need for manual video production.

The vision of Spiideo is ambitious and clear as well. It is to democratize sports broadcasting through cutting-edge AI technology. The company is trying to revolutionize the sports broadcasting by reducing the costs and complexities associated with traditional production methods.

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