Spire Global to Build and Operate IoT Constellation for Lacuna Space

By Sunil Sonkar
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Spire Global to Build and Operate IoT Constellation for Lacuna Space

Spire Global is teaming up with Lacuna Space to build and run six satellites for the Internet of Things (IoT). This news means a huge step forward in making the whole world connect better with cool space technology.


The construction of the six initial satellites will take place at Spire Global’s state-of-the-art facility in Glasgow, United Kingdom. They are adding more satellites to Lacuna’s group of 10 and they might even add a bunch more later on. Notably, Lacuna Space has previously launched satellites with platforms developed by Open Cosmos and NanoAvionics.

One of the key features of the upcoming satellites is the incorporation of Lacuna’s innovative ‘Gentoo’ satellite gateway. These special gateways will work smoothly with Lacuna’s ground network, making everything work better for the IoT group of satellites. Lacuna Space does special tech stuff for different things like farms, boats, shipping, faraway places and checking the environment. They can measure how wet the soil is or keep an eye on where things are moving.

Rob Spurrett, the boss of Lacuna Space, said this contract is a big deal and it shows that Lacuna is ready to do business worldwide after working really hard for over five years to make everything work well.

Spire Global, famous for checking radio stuff, is now using its smarts for Space Services too. It not only takes care of everything from start to finish but also has a cool setup where customers can use space things like groups of satellites. Some important friends that use Spire’s Space Services are Myriota, GHGSat, and NorthStar Earth & Space.

As Lacuna Space and their friends work together, it is a big step for Lacuna going into business and it also shows that cool space technology for connecting things is getting even better. Spire Global and Lacuna Space working together might make connecting things around the world way better.

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