Sportswear Startup Secures Exclusive Lotto Rights for 40 Years

Agilitas secures 40-year rights to produce and sell Lotto products in India and Australia through deal with WHP Global. Expansion to South Africa planned.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Sportswear Startup Secures Exclusive Lotto Rights for 40 Years

Sportswear startup Agilitas has earned the rights of making shoes and other sports stuff for Lotto and the deal is for the next forty years. The contract came from WHP Global, which is the owner of Lotto, and it means the company can make, design, advertise as well as sell Lotto products in India and Australia. They also have plans for marketing in South Africa soon.


Agilitas is started by people who have earlier worked for Puma. Last September, the company acquired Mochiko Shoes, which makes shoes for big brands like Adidas and Puma. It is learned that more such acquisitions could be on the card in the future to make a whole sports world – from making sports products to selling those.

It is reported that Agilitas is looking ahead to make Lotto bigger by investing further on making new products and come up with cool designs. This will make sales easier as well as make sure people know about the Lotto brand. The company has a sales strategy to accommodate several categories of buyers with respect to price tags. The prices will range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000.

Agilitas will pay to WHP Global for using the Lotto name. However, the amount remains undisclosed. It is setting up a manufacturing infrastructure in Noida to make Lotto products. It is learned the facility will manufacture everything from shoes and clothes to accessories and sports gear. The facility will start functioning by early 2025.

The company has received Rs 530 crore in funding so far. Rs 430 crore came from Convergent Finance LLP and another Rs 100 crore from Nexus Venture Partners.

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