Staqu uses AI to help police find missing children

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Staqu uses AI to help police find missing children 1

Gurgaon based startup ,Staqu Technologies Pvt Ltd, has now built an Artificial Intelligence-driven application for the Indian police to find any of the missing citizens.


The development gains some of the more significant in the fact that around 60000 children also go missing last year according to the report which has been revealed with almost 60% from the year 2016 still remains untraced.

The solution which is developed by the Staqu uses the AI to digitize records, geo-fencing, hotspot analysis and deploys facial recognition. Hotspot analysis search records, which could even include the missing child most frequented areas or child traffickers’ hideouts.

In the geo-fencing analysis, the Artificial Intelligence considers the data from any of the nearby places such as the railway stations and the bus stop as well where the child could have wandered to within the six of going missing. The real-time analysis provides instant notifications for the cops, helping them to trace the missing individual.

Staqu revealed that it has also deployed the application for the Police of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. As of now, the app database has been loaded with the information which is as of now close to 15000 people who have already gone missing. The company is also planning to launch the app for the Punjab police after the general election results, followed by the integrations with a few more state police departments.

Atul Rai, chief executive and co-founder of Staqu, said, “India has been suffering at the hands of child traffickers, kidnappers, and other miscreants. While we have been assisting police to leverage AI in their fight against crime, we felt the need to create a dedicated solution for finding the missing Indians.”

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