Startup Banyu Carbon Uses Sunlight, Seawater to Remove Carbon

Seattle startup Banyu Carbon removes CO2 using sunlight and seawater, a unique approach.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Startup Banyu Carbon Uses Sunlight, Seawater to Remove Carbon

A Seattle startup named Banyu Carbon is lately gaining attention for its unique method of removing carbon dioxide from the air. Instead of relying on energy-intensive methods like other carbon capture technologies, the company’s process harnesses sunlight as well as seawater to scrub CO2 from the air.


The company has developed a unique ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR) system that utilizes a synthetic molecule. When sunlight hits this molecule, it changes and becomes acidic. When introduced to seawater, this acidity triggers a reaction that effectively removes CO2 from the water. Banyu Carbon’s technology shows promise for significantly reducing the cost of carbon removal. It is definitely offering a more sustainable solution to combat global warming and climate change issues.

Banyu Carbon’s CEO, Alex Gagnon, explains that traditional carbon removal methods require vast amounts of energy, making them expensive and environmentally taxing. On the other hand, the company’s system mainly uses sunlight to cutting down on energy use as well as the costs. The startup has got financial supports too like a $6.5 million funding from various companies including the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and United Airlines Ventures.

Although Banyu Carbon’s tech is just starting out and it could change how we capture carbon now. The company is testing its photoacid system in Washington this year and aims for bigger projects later on. As the push to cut emissions grows, creative solutions like Banyu Carbon’s give us hope in the battle against climate change.

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