Startup BrainBridge Claims World’s First Robotic Head Transplant

By Sunil Sonkar
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Startup BrainBridge Claims World's First Robotic Head Transplant

United States-based startup BrainBridge has announced developing world’s first head transplant system. It specializes in neuroscience and biomedical engineering. However, its claim has left many stunned.


BrainBridge website reveals that their new system is a groundbreaking device and can have landmark achievement in the fields of neuroscience, human engineering and artificial intelligence.

The startup has shared a video on social media showing how the head transplant would be performed by using robots. It is an animated video and has gone viral. It depicts two surgical robots operating on two bodies simultaneously. One is seen removing the head from one body and places it on another.

BrainBridge describes the system as a revolutionary concept with respect to head transplant system as it uses advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. The system will also ensure successful head and face transplants with better outcomes and faster recoveries as well.

The viral video was posted on May 22 and has been viewed in several millions. It has grabbed many likes and attracted too many comments. Many found the concept unsettling.

One viewer commented that there has been no surgery or therapy capable of rejoining a severed spinal cord within the same individual.

Another user commented that the robot is going to be doing neurosurgery, plastic surgery, a tracheostomy, vascular surgery, anaesthesia and so on. We don’t have robots which can do any of such things doing by themselves. Such has also never been done to a human.

One another commenter said that no way this is real. He questioned whether this has been successfully done.

One user wrote that never in a million years when he was thinking about the future of medicine did he expect to see a head transplant.

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