Startup Digantara’s Bengaluru Facility Signals New Era in Spacetech

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Startup Digantara's Bengaluru Facility Signals New Era in Spacetech 1

It is a significant milestone for spacetech startup Digantara. It has inaugurated its new global headquarters in Bengaluru and the facility spans 25,000 square feet. The new office is equipped with a command and control center as well as a state-of-the-art cleanroom for satellite assembly, integration and testing (AIT). As a whole, it signals a new era in spacetech innovation. It is definitely positioning the company as a key player in the space industry.


Digantara mainly focuses on space situational awareness and it has plans to launch a constellation of space-based surveillance satellites. It is learned that the satellites will play a crucial role in addressing data inadequacies. It will simultaneously enhance space operations from qualitative and quantitative perspectives. CEO Anirudh Sharma emphasized that the new facilities will enhance their ability to innovate and position them as a platform provider for easing space operations too.

The inauguration event witnessed presence of notable figures including ISRO chairman S Somanath. Space situational awareness experts from various countries were also present.

It is reported that the command and control center will play an important role in monitoring and managing space traffic. The facility will also ensure safety and sustainability of satellite operations globally.

Digantara presently has two clients outside India. It earlier partnered with the defense-related government agencies in India. It is learned the startup has plans to release 40 satellites and it will be supported by its Space-Mission Assurance Platform (Space-MAP).

The startup was founded in 2018 by Anirudh Sharma, Rahul Rawat and Tanveer Ahmed. Since then, it has been steadily advancing in the spacetech sector. It is definitely to make significant contributions to the future of space exploration as well as satellite technology.

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