Startup Indian Drivers App Hits Milestone with 35,000 On-Demand Rides

By Sunil Sonkar
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Startup Indian Drivers App Hits Milestone with 35,000 On-Demand Rides

Pune-based Indian Drivers is a good example that a startup can transform simple idea into a successful business. It has achieved a milestone of 35,000 on-demand rides. It is surely a testament to the hard work.


Indian Drivers was founded by three friends, Parag Palsokar, Krishna Badwane and Dinesh Rahane, about fifteen years ago to ease finding reliable car drivers. They started their startup journey by interviewing both car owners and drivers to understand their needs. The initial efforts were from a small cubicle and advertising through flyers in local newspapers. They managed interviewing 1,000 drivers in the first year.

The drivers were categories based on their experience and the type of cars they can drive smoothly. They tried to ensure to meet the varied needs of car owners. Their driver database reached 15,000 by 2015. They also had served 20,000 customers by then.

Inspired by Ola and Uber apps, Indian Drivers emerged with its own app in 2017. It helped them expand their reach and 55,000 downloads have been achieved across India. Their approach extended to corporate clients too and the strategy helped them to survive during COVID-19 pandemic.

The founders joined various business groups and this significantly boosted their revenues. Today, it serves individual customers as well as corporate houses. It provides comprehensive driver management services and this include payroll and compliance.

Their dedication to growth is evident. They have training programs for drivers to enhance communication skills, hygiene and road behavior. The initiative benefits about 60 drivers a week. It ensures a high standard of service.

The startup has expanded to several Indian cities including Mumbai and Bengaluru. Its revenue has doubled and tripled in recent years.

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