Startup IVR: 5 Qs to ask when buying cloud telephony for your business

For all startups, particularly stockbroker, one key asset is communications. Most business organizations function over the phone, for taking orders or supporting the customers. Despite other platforms of communication, phone calls are still the most preferred option. However, it seems that the phone system is being pushed beyond their capabilities, leading to failure of the system, causing them to lose deals due to missed calls. To get a smart phone system, the following questions must be asked to the potential partners.

Q1) How easy/difficult is the phone system’s process of setup and management?

Setting up and managing on premise or EPABX phone systems is not easy. Only professionals can perform the setup. The equipment is pricey. It occupies a large space. This high cost or dependence on pro support must be avoided. A good solution is a phone system that is cloud-based. It’s much less price. Its virtual presence saves space, as desirable for small offices. There’s no need to hire a specialized person for the setup or management.

  1. What features does the phone system offer?

The features in the phone system must meet the needs of the startup. Activation of on premise phone systems can take several weeks; they restrict brokers to the desks; calls can’t be recorded; scaling is difficult. However, cloud telephone can be used within a matter of half an hour. The calls can be taken ‘to go’ by the employees. Other issues like easy scaling, call-recording, report generation, etc. are also solved.

  1. Is the phone system reliable?

Reliability, as a feature, is so obvious that businesses forget to care. Despite the plus points, cloud phone system has its set of challenges. It has two main building blocks – the internet and the telephony. The net/phone connections can be pretty undependable. Service providers reputed for their reliability try to offer a better experience using innovative methods. Backups must be there for connectivity active during downtime.

  1. Is the cloud system safe?

Security is an important concern. The subject of such safety is still full of risks and challenges. Cloud phone systems are much safer than the traditional systems. Secure centres are used for the storage of data, and the servers on which they get hosted promise better features such as secure access, encrypted storage of data, easy retrieval, etc.

  1. Are there hidden charges?

Legacy telephony comes with a list of hidden charges in the form of costs for connectivity, installation, replacement, maintenance, etc. of the systems. It is possible to bypass such charges when it comes to telephony that is cloud-based, and no additional investment is needed for the infrastructure. The cost list is transparent, with charges only for usage, based on the needs of the business.

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