Startup Le Pavé Innovates for Sustainability at the Olympics

By Sunil Sonkar
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Startup Le Pavé Innovates for Sustainability at the Olympics

Olympic podium is entirely being made of recycled materials this summer. The world’s greatest athletes will showcase the possibilities of sustainable innovation. Thanks to the innovative efforts of Le Pavé, a small startup from Paris. Rather, a startup from the outskirts of Paris in France.


Le Pavé was founded by childhood friends Maurius Hamelot and Jim Pasquet. It showcases the power of creative thinking in tackling environmental challenges. It was initially a small operation in a converted steel foundry. The startup has now blossomed into a thriving enterprise. It is currently equipped with 34 employees and two factories. The journey kicked off with a simple idea to repurpose plastic waste into valuable products.

Hamelot states that they are surrounded by an overabundance of plastic and it is damaging the environment. The plastics hold significant economic potential if repurposed correctly. His vision is rooted in his background in architecture and is to reinvent building materials. Le Pavé unexpectedly received a call from the Olympic organizers.

The Olympic Games is scheduled to be held in Paris this year and being heralded as the greenest in history. Le Pavé’s contribution extends beyond the podiums. It has also produced 11,000 bleacher seats for two new sports arenas. All the seats are made from recycled shampoo bottles and multicoloured bottle caps. The achievement highlights innovative spirit and also the potential of sustainable practices in large-scale events.

The startup ecosystem of France promotes clean technology and green transition. It provides fertile ground for the growth of Le Pavé. Pasquet states that they have evolved beyond software development. They have been focusing on environmental needs. Today, Le Pavé stands at the forefront. It aims to become a European leader in sustainable industrial solutions.

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