Storyboard launches Holo app for android and iOS

Storyboard on 3rd of March 2017 launched their messaging app named Holo. The Holo app is a AI base location tracking app built for iOS and android platform.

The main objective behind launching this app by the “Maryland base startup firm” is to cater apt information at the right location.

The app allows its users to send message to other party or person at a certain location. The message can be either in the format of story, personal, memory, a tip to idea or an experience to share. After reaching a particular location, where the message has been pointed, the app will deliver the message to its reader. The usability of this app can be done for personal means as well as for business information sharing. One can share flight details, traffic insights, travel hacks and tips.

According to the vision of the company’s CEO the idea of the app merely started with daily needs to be transferred in text format. Now restaurant owners can even share the latest deals to the customers through this app, via the location based messaging.

To install this app all you need is a phone number. Once it’s installed you can start messaging. It can be restricted to personal chatting but it has much wider aspect to connect the cities, more digitally with the location base messaging. The app is totally free to download and can be accessed at iOS and android store. Businesses need just a minimal of $ 0.10 per notification to send their related information.

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