The Success of Snapchat Group New Features

Snapchat is becoming viral with its unique aspect of instant messaging in pictures and now, it is probably going to take the market by storm.

The festive season is here and it is impossible to stay away from the social networking apps where so much is happening all the time and so many people are there to soak in it all. Understanding the necessity to keep friends together, Snapchat has come up with a mind-blowing update that is going to direct a good deal of user traffic towards them and give tough competition to the other social networking apps.

The perfect holiday present

Snapchat has a Christmas present for you, and it is a software update. So, turn your internet on and download it immediately and don’t fall behind your friends. The latest update features a group messaging feature which is completely going to shoot Snapchat right up there among the elite messaging services. In fact, so much so, it may provide stiff competition to Whatsapp considering group messaging was the only feature that made Whatsapp a tough contender to beat. In fact, it renders many messaging services completely obsolete in this process.

Snapchat Group New Features

The details of the feature

The new feature allows you to add up to 16 people in the chat, which is big enough size for creating any intimate group. Often, Whatsapp groups have too many people so such groups lack intimacy and fun. Keeping that in mind, Snapchat has created a smaller group messaging platform that allows close friends to share all the gossip and fun within the circle. This is precisely why Snapchat has an edge over things as Whatsapp groups will now become more formal, professional discussion space with all the fun happening at Snapchat.

However, it is important to remember that Snapchat does maintain its deletion policy all along the update so you will not see any message more than 24 hours old. So, it is more convenient since it does not eat up memory space as Whatsapp does with nightlong chats and pictures getting stored up. This is surely a revolution of sorts in the world of personal communication.

How to create a group?

To create a group for starting all the fun, you need to open Snapchat in the updated version. Then, there is a chat option in the left hand corner at the bottom. Once you click the option, a new chat icon appears that shows a plus sign too. Now, you can add all the people who would love to get a funny picture that you have chanced upon and then click the chat button appearing in blue. The group is created instantly. You now have the liberty to change the group name and what’s more, you can have small private chats within the group and return again to the group.

So, like Whatsapp groups, you can turn a chat notification on and off so that once you are working and don’t want to indulge in the fun, you can stay away from it and see it later on. It allows you to send almost anything so that it only increases the fun quotient.

The other exciting features

While the group messaging surely takes the cake, there are new editing tools in the scene named Scissors and Paintbrush. You can now use Scissors to make new stickers out of old ones while Paintbrush will make every photo of yours look like a painting. Also, the integration of the Shazam app in the new update allows you to detect any song that is being played near you. So, this is surely the biggest update Snapchat has ever rolled out in the truest sense.

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