Sundar Pichai Sees Google’s Future in the Smartest Cloud

Sundar Pichai Sees Google’s Future in the Smartest Cloud2 dfgfdgdfg

Google is a company that has set trends for tech innovations for decades. Hence, whenever Google’s CEO has to say something, it has to be something important. However, they are running out of innovations, or so you may feel because Google has been speaking about AI for quite some time. However, more than AI, what Google is trying to look into is the world of cloud. Google was talking about a new chip last year and this year, this chip is going to be launched. Since AI requires power of different degree, the new chip will empower AI to do much more than it is doing right now.

This chip, as the CEO claims, is a revolution by all means since it is going to perform beyond machine learning. The best thing about this technology is that nobody else had the resources to power such an innovation. This is precisely what Google will contribute to in this year’s technological revolution. In fact, Google claims it to be the move that will bring AI to everyone’s doorstep. So, machine learning will no longer be an esoteric phrase and it will drive the platform towards better innovation and wider adoption than ever.

Sundar Pichai Sees Google’s Future in the Smartest Cloud
The new wave in AI
Google has two big AI centers called the Google Brain and DeepMind. The second centre was recently acquired and this has helped Google to lead this new AI wave across industries and that posits Google in pole position to drive global economy in the coming years. Google is trying to crawl its way upwards in cloud computing since it is trying to disseminate its technology across the tech strata so that it becomes an indispensable part of the tech future later on.

Google’s multiple AI systems like Google Translate will be powered by this new chip. The data platforms are the ones that will control the global economy later on and the onus is on cloud computing to do so. While Google has arrived late in the market and currently lags behind the two major players Amazon and Microsoft, it is surely running at breakneck speed and may well take the lead given the chip fares exceptionally well. Google is using the chip internally as well as externally since they are eager to share it through the cloud. However, here Google has to compete with Nvidia who currently lead the machine learning market as their chips are in high demand.

Going deeper, innovating further
The CEO knows that the developers will know what service suits them the best. So, they will obviously go for such services and this new chip allows developers to add their own developments if need me. Google also knows that they cannot replace GPUs. Rather, beyond the cloud business, GPU access and even access to other chips will also be on the cards. So, it boils down to Google’s age old policy: prepare the best platform for others. Pichai admits it too since they have been the experts of turning themselves into a daily necessity.

For example, AutoML is another project that Google is currently driving which may have a great impact on the process. The more automated it is, the easier it is to create AIs and one day, it may well be possible to offer all services online through the AI technology that is completely automated by Google. In fact, the software being developed by Google’s engineers called TensorFlow Lite will create the capacity to run machine learning on Smartphones. This is precisely what future looks like where each device will be powered by AI and each device can perform its own set of services, intensively customized.

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