Swarrnim Startup and Innovation Partners British University of Vietnam

Gandhinagar's Swarrnim Startup University partners with British University of Vietnam for collaborative research and exchanges.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
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Swarrnim Startup And Innovation University Partners British University of Vietnam

In a significant stride towards global collaboration, Swarrnim Startup And Innovation University (SSIU), based in Gandhinagar, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the British University of Vietnam (BUV) headquartered in Vietnam. This team-up is all about students and teachers swapping places, sharing cultures and working together on cool research projects.

The agreement, passed between Professor Vijay Kumar from SSIU and Prof. Rick Bennett from BUV, shows that they are serious about making school experiences better for students in both places. BUV holds the distinction of being the first and only international university in Vietnam authorized to confer degrees from four distinguished UK universities – University of London, Staffordshire University, University of Stirling, and Arts University Bournemouth.

Adi Jain, the Vice President of Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University, is pleased about the collaboration. He talked about how proud Swarrnim is of teaming up, showing their dedication to supporting new ideas and giving students chances for research and cool innovations. Jain thinks that working with BUV will give students more opportunities for important research and global innovation.


They are joining forces for some awesome things – students and teachers swapping places, exploring different cultures, going on study trips, teaming up for projects, doing research together and even organizing workshops and conferences.

Professor Rick Bennett from BUV is really happy about teaming up. He is excited about teaming up, saying it is a fantastic chance for both schools. Students get to explore the world, and teachers can work on big projects together. The hope is that this teamwork will make both universities even better academically.

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