Tamil Nadu Woman Expands Nutritional Mix Startup

By Sunil Sonkar
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Tamil Nadu Woman Expands Nutritional Mix Startup

Indian women are actively taking part in entrepreneurships in the dynamic landscape of India’s culinary sector. They are increasingly taking the lead and showcasing their culinary skills. They are being witnessed as managerial acumen across cafes, restaurants and startup ventures. A recent example has emerged from Tamil Nadu’s Theni district. Bharatpur entrepreneur Hema has captured attention with her innovative startup.


Hema and her mother established a business based on their passion for nutritious food products. They gained knowledge from the Central Agricultural Science Training Center and mastered the art of creating nutrient-rich blends and powders by using small grains such as black wheat, red rice, rye and groundnut. They are offering instant co-nutrition mix and nutritional powders. They are offering healthy solutions.

Initially the mother and daughter duo produced products of up to 5 kg on a daily basis. Hema now envisions scaling up the operations and take a step into a full-fledged manufacturing unit. She is seeking expansion and wider market reach through online platforms. Her story highlights spirit of entrepreneurship as a woman and simultaneously the important role being played in driving the culinary innovation in the country.

Similar success stories are being witnessed across the country and it highlights a trend where women entrepreneurs are increasingly breaking barriers. Women are now carving out niches in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Online platforms like Swiggy and Zomato are aiding such women-led ventures. One good example is Priya Sharma’s Bonfire Pizza in Rishikesh. Swiggy supported the startup in scaling production and reaching to a wider audience.

The journeys of Hema and other women entrepreneurs are serving as empowerment and innovation. They are reshaping India and narrative as well that women too are successful in businesses.

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