Target Self-Driving Car Lets You Sleep While It Drives

Target Self-Driving Car Lets You Sleep While It Drives

Cars are fast becoming metrics of comfort you can own and enjoy and driver-less cars are only an attempt in that direction. While not always would you rely on such automation, given that machines can do errors and chances are that such new technology will commit errors. Quite a few companies are now investing in this futuristic possibility of automobile and companies are trying to create breakthroughs by providing an unseen level of comfort through their design, technology and shape. Such is the case with cars that allows you to take a nap.

The basics of the design

NIO, the company who is going to launch such a car, has named the product as EVE. It is for drivers who need to work on the go and take some rest if need be. Since the busiest entrepreneurs work too much, this might be the ideal car for them where they can easily relax and work at will. It has a built-in table which can be used for your work and you can then, when tired, use the reclining seat to take a nap.

For long trips

Of course, it may so happen that you want to enjoy your trips without someone having to drive you all the time. This is the ideal car for them since you need not worry about who is going to drive. Often, people who drive cannot have fun or have a drink while the others party. Now, this car will provide relief for all as it has active glasses that provide augmented reality and various forms of entertainment.

Personalized to a new extent

Not only does it come with cutting edge technology, but also ensures a new way of approaching user comfort. Apart from the extremely personalized approach by user specific preferences and noting down their changes, it doesn’t have the architecture of a usual car either. There are sliding doors on both sides with the table inside. The two seats in front provide digital displays for non-automated driving if needed. Such a panoramic process of arrangement surely gives the car the look of an extremely spacious car and utilizes the available area brilliantly.

Combining with tech giants

For providing such path breaking services, NIO has been collaborating with companies like Nvidia, NXP etc. and will surely ensure the best of performance when it arrives in the market. As of now, it is poised to release its market version of EVE in 2020. Time will tell if such cars will become an instant object of desire for everyone around the globe and NIO will create new heights for others to reach. Till then, it is all but speculation one can pay attention to and wait.


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