Tata Trust and Social Alpha started India’s healthcare start ups search

Tata Trust and Social Alpha started India’s healthcare start ups search 1

Today PATH Impact Lab along with Social Alpha and Tata Trust announced the release of India’s very first nationwide healthcare search for start ups under- ‘Social Alpha Quest for Health care Innovations’. This search of healthcare start ups is actually done to resolve the problems in the field of healthcare and overcoming the challenges of healthcare, achieving health equality all over the India.

The program is more emphasis on the development of healthcare technology and innovation in machines and devices which can diagnose the disease, which have concern point for these following areas :-

  1. The start up should concern more on innovations which deal with problems and treatments of maternal and child health which include hypertension of maternal and diabetes and should not be confined to these areas.
  2. Innovations should have detection of chronic and non- communicable disease such as diabetes, neuropathies, retinopathies, cardio- vascular diseases, head and neck cancer, cervical cancer and other kinds of cancer which are crucial.
  3. The start up focuses on the innovations which can detection and treatment of diseases like malaria, HIV, TB, chikungunya, HCV etc.

Talking about the program, Manoj Kumar, who is the Head of Innovation, along with Tata Trusts and CEO of Social Alpha, said that “There are lot of potential to develop a large number of possibilities and chances to creating an affordable, with good quality and accessible to everyone in the area of healthcare by the help of Science and Technology Innovations.

This is a step forward by Social Alpha Quest for developing healthcare innovations so that it can support all kind of health related issues. Along with this kind of partnership with PATH, we believe that we can provide more high and supportive impact, but at very affordable and quality health care solutions and can provide it undeserved communities in the whole world.”

Neeraj Jain who is the Country Director of PATH Impact Lab, said that “We are happy to collaborate with Tata Trusts Social Alpha about the ‘Quest for Healthcare’ to fill the gap between adoption and measuring the medtech innovation, these will impact on very positive note on the public health in India and across the world. This program will bring all kind of strengths of PATH and Social Alpha, Philips and IIT Delhi will be providing the tools that is going to support the start ups.”

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