TCS Partners With Google Cloud, Launches Generative AI

TCS Partners With Google Cloud, Launches Generative AI 1

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) made an exclusive announcement of an expanded partnership with Google Cloud and the new offerings. TCS Generative AI is inclusive of Google Cloud’s generative AI services that are specifically helpful for designing and deploying custom-tailored business solutions.

TCS Generative AI is built on its domain knowledge across multiple verticals and investments. TCS has developed a large portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions and intellectual property in the fields of AIOps, Algo Retail, smart manufacturing, digital twins, and robotics.

The company is currently working with clients that belong to multiple industries. This step would be helpful for exploring how generative AI can be used to deliver valuable business contexts.

AIOps is basically a multi-layered application of big data analytics and machine learning suitable for the IT operations data.

Generative AI can be utilized in any kinds of algorithm/model that utilizes AI to output a brand-new attribute. Some of the most prominent instances are ChatGPT and DALL-E.

As per the sources, the latest offering is powered by Google Cloud’s Generative AI tools such as Vertex AI, Generative AI Application Builder, Model Garden, and own solutions of TCS.

TCS will make use of its client-specific contextual knowledge, which is a proven design thinking and agile development processes to ideate solutions. It supports a rapid prototype that is the most promising ideas and builds full-fledged transformation solutions.

These kinds of collaborative exercises will actively make use of TCS Pace Ports, the company’s co-innovation hubs in New York, Pittsburg, Toronto, Amsterdam and Tokyo. In these respective places, the clients can create the engagement with academic researchers and start-up partners from TCS’ extended innovation ecosystem.

TCS has been investing its monetary funds towards scaling its expertise in cloud technologies. It has over 25,000 engineers certified on Google Cloud.

Along with these plans, TCS has 50,000 associates trained in AI as an objective to earn 40,000 skill badges on Google Cloud Generative AI within the year. This initiative will be helpful for supporting anticipated demand for its new offering, TCS said.

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