TE Connectivity Showcases IoT Innovations at Singapore’s CommunicAsia 2024

By Sunil Sonkar
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TE Connectivity Showcases IoT Innovations at Singapore's CommunicAsia 2024

TE Connectivity took center stage at CommunicAsia 2024 event held in Singapore from May 29 to 31. It showcased advanced-level of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and highlighted the roles played in advancing smart cities, healthcare and industrial automation.


Satellite IoT represents a significant leap in wireless connectivity. It provides essential coverage in areas where terrestrial networks are unavailable. Low-orbit satellites enable broad as well as energy-efficient connections.

The expertise of TE in antenna technology ensures high-quality and reliable signal transmission. These two features are essential for robust performance required in today’s era of connectivity. Its antennas excel in bandwidth and efficiency besides ensuring a strong and consistent performance.

Jacky Hsu, Senior Manager of IoT Sales & Business Development – APAC at TE, emphasized the importance of continuous innovation in antenna technology. He said that Satellite IoT is leading toward a more intelligent and interconnected world. Advanced antenna technology is essential in achieving the goal. They are dedicated to enhance antenna quality further.

Information and communication technology together is the core of smart city development. Advancements in IoT and 5G/6G are enabling cities to manage resources efficiently. TE is playing important roles in transforming traditional infrastructures with the help of its innovative products. The technologies facilitate interference-free transmission and robust signal performance.

TE is helping cities to achieve greener operations. The company is supporting integration of microcells and small cells for 5G connectivity. It is driving the evolution toward autonomous urban environments.

The healthcare sector is undergoing a transformation too and it is driven by IoT innovations. The world is facing shortage of healthcare workers and efficient distribution of medical resources is now more critical. The TE products are trying to meet complex demands of modern medical devices.

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