TeamViewer Fuels Smart Factory Revolution with Major Investments in Analytics and IoT

By Sunil Sonkar
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TeamViewer Fuels Smart Factory Revolution with Major Investments in Analytics and IoT

Remote connectivity company TeamViewer is investing significantly to make factories smarter. They are partnering with US-based Sight Machine and German-based Cybus companies to bring the newest technology to factories.

Sight Machine is good at collecting and understanding data in factories. They use smart computer programs to help with things like quality control, checking how well the whole factory is doing and predicting when machines might need maintenance. By investing in it, TeamViewer is becoming a big part of their team and plans to work together to make factories even smarter.

Sight Machine CEO and founder Jon Sobel is excited about this partnership. He says both teams are committed to using data to shape the future of smart factories.

TeamViewer is simultaneously investing in Cybus, a company that is great at making different devices, machines and processes for factories to talk to each other smoothly. They are helping Cybus with money and advice to make sure factories can use the latest technology in the best way possible.

Cybus CEO Peter Sorowka thinks teaming up with TeamViewer is a big deal. He believes their collaboration will help factories deal with the challenges of using new digital tools and make manufacturing even better.

By investing in these two companies, TeamViewer is becoming a major player in making factories smarter. CEO Oliver Steil says it is a natural next step for them. They are already good at connecting things remotely and now they want to be a big part of making factories more efficient as well as high-tech.

TeamViewer is known for its solutions in connecting devices from a distance. This move into making factories smarter fits perfectly with their goal of bringing innovation and efficiency to different industries.

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