Tech Can Help You Make a Positive Difference

Tech Can Help You Make a Positive Difference

The New Year has arrived and with it the search for new personas and leaders who are truly inspirational in daily life. However, instead of looking for such leaders everywhere it is equally easy to set the example and become the great individuals that one aspires to and looks for in the society. There is no need to accomplish something great such as enrolling in the Peace Corps or even begin a movement at the grassroots in order to make the world around oneself a better place to live in. In fact, it is possible to start with a number of smaller things that are quite meaningful yet easily achievable. There are a number of ways in which one can use technology to achieve this end.

Gathering to achieve

At times, positive change may be brought about by the combined effort of an entire village or locality. Nowadays, technology and the internet have made the world a very small place. Social networking has managed to connect people over a great geographic scope. The different social networking portal meet-ups available online help people with charitable and philanthropic intentions to meet with some likeminded individuals. This allows them to create a friendly and somewhat informal atmosphere. The goal may be anything from meeting new collaborators to understanding and utilizing new volunteering opportunities. These meets also foster a kind of meaningful connection across the various social enterprises, charities and the non-profitable trusts and organizations.


Invitations that are inspirational

Invitations to birthdays, weddings and parties in general are events for celebration. However, at the same time a great number of hosts for such parties are utilizing the online medium instead of the paper based invitation system. This becomes truly inspirational as it also helps to reduce a great quantity of waste. There are a number of different invitation providers online. They allow the user to customise the invitation to be sent out according to their own choice. The invitations also have the additional option of raising some amount of money and gifts for charity events and functions. For the hosts it also becomes a fun and easy way to raise some amount of substantial money for their favourite non-profitable trust. For the different guests who are present this is a great opportunity to donate to a good and helpful cause.

Becoming a mentor

An individual may have great skills in coding in a computer or the necessary talent needed to be a successful serial entrepreneur. One may possess a variety of different skills. There will always be some people who will benefit from the type of skills one possesses. There are a number of organizers who work to match some talented and hard working professionals to skilled volunteers. There are a number of things that one may try such as pitching the different products to the wholesalers or even manage a number of human resource hiccups. These may ultimately help in the survival of a small business.

Dating is flourishing

One of the most powerful and popular applications of social media and networking is the Snapchat. However, today it is developing from just a platform for video messaging to something much more. It has now become a very powerful tool for fund raising purposes. A series of different snaps or even a couple of videos can be useful to tell a story of a person in need. There is an application that is integrated with Snapchat called the Snapcash. It helps to collect all the cash and then deposits it to the nearest ATM available at hand. It is always easier to create a Facebook page


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