Tech CEO Predicts AI Avatars to Revolutionize Work Meetings

CEO Sam Liang foresees AI avatars revolutionizing meetings by year's end, mimicking human behavior and problem-solving.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Tech CEO Predicts AI Avatars to Revolutionize Work Meetings

Get ready for a big change at work. Sam Liang, CEO of Otter, says that by the end of this year, AI avatars will totally transform our meetings. He envisions these avatars capable of attending meetings on behalf of employees, mimicking their behavior and problem-solving just like humans.


Liang, who finds himself in around 10 meetings daily, devised this tech-driven solution to alleviate the burden of endless meetings. He says the AI avatars will learn from notes and recordings of our voices, so they can act just like us in meetings.

Trials conducted by Liang’s company demonstrate promising results, with AI avatars successfully answering 90% of questions during meetings. For the remaining 10%, they prompt human workers for assistance, ensuring seamless participation.

Liang thinks the AI avatars will help us work faster, giving us more time for fun stuff. Companies can use them in meetings about helping customers, selling things and updating teams, which means they will have more people to do other jobs.

But making AI understand emotions is hard. The avatars need to know how to sound and act right in meetings.

AI getting better is good, but some worry there is too much of it. Groups like the Future of Life Institute say we should be careful and pause making really smart AI for now.

These warnings remind us to be careful as AI gets better. We need to make sure it helps us more than it hurts us. Businesses and important people need to handle AI carefully to make the most of it without causing problems.

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