Tech Gaints came together for data protection and portability

Tech Gaints came together for data protection and portability 1

If once you decide to chosen any social media or subscription service it is very difficult to remove that particular service that you pick from several service. In case you delete your Facebook account that means there will be less connectivity with your friends, you will be losing social media photos, friends, and memories. Removing subscription from your favorite YouTube channel or cancelling Spotify Premium will lead to losing all your most heard playlists or videos.

In short you will be losing a lot of data and there is no option of transferring that data from one to another service. But for the European Union’s GDPR, it may be for all to be better.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter have kept the difference apart for a while and come together just to develop the Data Transfer Project, which is an open- source of framework by GitHub and designed for “helping users to secure their data move between to different services more seamlessly”.

In a blog by Google stated that this step is done for creating a “a very small standardised set of data formats which is easy to use by anyone”.  Any service provider who is participating will provide an option for customers to use data from API and turn it into open- source format.

“The main centre of innovation are portability and interoperability” while reading out the statement Data Transfer Project mission. “This is making much easier for individuals to make a choice between service providers, this also giving liberty to individuals try put other new services and chose among the option which suits best according to their needs.” This will be more flexible for those who want switch from one particular service to other service at the same time want to continue with services which are already existing.

In a separate blog spot by Microsoft said that this initiative is done to emphasis more on “privacy with strong security standards” is main motive of this project. This will disable the access of unauthorised on data, this will also help that what kind of information people are sharing and how others are using it.

Talking about Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook had allowed their user to download data which it had been upload on Facebook or provide to Facebook. But now Facebook has given permission to transfer the data of their users to their competitor too.


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