Tech giant Microsoft acquires IOT solutions company Solair

Internet of Things or IoT as we popularly know it, has revamped the way enterprises function. That too in a much dramatic way.

The enterprise decision makers now have more actionable data than ever before, all thanks to the scale of the cloud and power of big data analytics. Using this appropriate information available, enterprises are accurately able to react, interact and anticipate their business environments. recently published a study revealing that the total revenues that are expected to be generated by the worldwide public cloud market by the year 2026 will in all probability exceed $493 billion. This is probably the reason why hotshot tech companies like Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are investing truckloads of their money, time and resources in acing their cloud infrastructure.

Technology giant Microsoft recently did something to take its IoT services to a whole new level. On May 3, 2016, the technology giant announced its acquisition of the IoT solutions producing company, Solair.

For the unaware, Solair is a renowned name in the IoT world for producing IoT solutions that help enterprises in capturing data to determine maintenance schedules, meter for calculating fees, resupply requirements for consumables, and tracking their products etc. The sensors are designed to become a part of the product and the integration stage is where Solair works together with the enterprises.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Solair could spell a good time for the tech company. While Microsoft’s cloud services business has been going strong, it isn’t progressing at a rate that the company would have liked. It is great that Microsoft has acknowledged and embraced the greatness of the IoT world.

With its acquisition, Solair will bring along a number of technologies that could add a proven and working set of IoT software and products to the tech giant’s cloud services business. It is interesting to note that Solair’s IoT infrastructure actually runs on Microsoft’s Azure platform. So, to conclude their match is as perfect as it could have gotten.

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