Tech Is Transforming How Owners Care for Their Animals

Tech Is Transforming How Owners Care for Their Animals 1

Back in the days of Wild West cowboys, looking after a horse was a fairly basic art, with horse owners making sure that their steeds were well fed and watered, and that the rain was kept off their heads at night.

Things have changed significantly since then, with advances in technology and particularly the harnessing of big data allowing professional racehorse trainers and hobby riders alike to keep track of how their prized animals are getting along.

In this article we look at all the new tech gadgets and gizmos that are giving equine nuts peace of mind when it comes to the wellbeing of their trusty horses.

The way horses are cared for has changed greatly in recent years thanks to tech solutions like these

Smart Saddles

While making sure your horse is comfortable and resting when you are not around the stables to check on him or her, it can also be nice to have peace of mind while you are riding the beast.

There is a tech solution at hand to help with that. The Blue Wing Smart Saddle is a high-quality saddle in its own right, but as well as being super-light and giving your steed excellent range of motion, it has technology inside that allows a rider or trainer to track the horse’s performance.

This becomes something particularly handy for professional trainers and jockeys, whose horses make appearances on online race cards week in week out, allowing them to make sure that their equine charges are hitting the stats required in order to be sufficiently competitive.

Tech Is Transforming How Owners Care for Their Animals 2

Data collection is giving horse owners a more accurate picture of their animal’s overall health and wellbeing

24-Hour Surveillance

There are a whole host of security systems that can be fitted into homes and businesses which allow folks to monitor live CCTV feeds of their premises from wherever they are in the world.

It therefore comes as no surprise that someone has harnessed such tech and tailored it for horse owners.

Nightwatch are one of the best companies for this, allowing owners to check in with their favorite thoroughbred as well as keeping tabs on their animal’s behavioral patterns.

Track Every Aspect of Your Horse’s Life

Many horse owners are completely fanatical about their animals, with plenty wishing they could just spend all day checking in on their animal.

Trackener is without doubt the go-to app for such people, allowing them to monitor every single aspect of their horse’s day-to-day.

The app will even let you know where the nearest vet is, where the highest quality feed can be found, as well as if your horse is grazing properly or not. If you thought apps like Tinder and Twitter were hard to tear yourself away from, get ready to be truly immersed in this one.

Planning Your Route

For those riders who are into eventing, it always pays off to be well prepared, so that a water drop does not take you by surprise or a fence is not a little higher than you had been expecting.

CrossCountry App ensures that you and your horse are as prepared as you can be, letting you plot the course and even attach photos and notes along the way. Study up on the map you have built for yourself and you will complete the course in record time; with no nasty injuries to rider nor horse.

Hitch a Ride

Imagine you are just a few hours away from going to a major event or race, only for your car or horse box to break down.

Equo is there to help, putting desperate horse owners in touch with people who have available horse transportation. It is essentially the ride sharing app for horses.

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