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Tech Mahindra launches an AI powered HR humanoid in Noida

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Tech Mahindra introduced an AI-powered humanoid HR that will replace all the regular HRs in the company at its head branch in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The HR bot, called K2 does assists an HR team, creating a greater employee development. K2 will be capable of initiating conversations without any wake-up call and will respond to queries with text display along with speech.

K2 will also be capable to address and clear all kinds of HR related questions. It will also be able to run on personal purposes like handling payslips or tax forms.

“In today’s digital era, the changing talent landscape is making it imperative for companies to not just be customer focused, but a better ‘human experience’ centric,” said Harshavendra Soin, the chief people officer at Tech Mahindra.

He also added that K2 has been designed in order to add value to the employee lifecycle and create a better workspace for today and tomorrow. “At Tech Mahindra, we are focused on leveraging technology to further enhance human experiences by making them more personalized and meaningful,” he concluded.K2 will be all helpful for the HR team as it helps them focus on other important areas for employee development.

The humanoid HR has been launched in its Noida facility today but the company has already introduced its first K2 in its Hyderabad branch, earlier this month. The company plans to expand this system by releasing it in its Pune office soon.

Tech Mahindra believes in this development to take their company to a safer level of harmony in aspects of god employee-organization relations.

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