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  • Releasing prototypes create waves in the electric bike industry

    From major Japanese player such as Honda to the startup Revolt Motors, every automobile player has recognized the need of an hour and the future to launch the electric bikes. Electric bikes will become omnipresent in near future with rise in concerns related to environment and growth in awareness among consumers regarding carbon footprint. Major […] More

  • Four Perks of Introducing Assessment Games in Your Recruitment Process

    What changes have you introduced in your recruitment process over the past few years? A panel interview? Or a one-hour assessment test? Though these changes may have improved the quality of recruits you appoint, you have to use innovative solutions like artificial intelligence (AI). These traditional testing methods can’t determine the responsiveness and confidence of […] More

  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence goes mainstream now

    2019 is going to be an inflexion point for the AI as the technology keeps moving on from being considered to be as the futuristic novelty to a value add for the enterprise related marketing. As businesses embrace the real world scenario applications of the Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots and the voice supported assistants, acquisitions and […] More

  • IIT Hyderabad to set up drone development centre for India

    Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, has now joined hands with Japan-based Terra Drone Corporation, Terra Drone Indian to develop the high-speed drones. They have also signed a pact and announced about a first of its kind center of Excellence for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in India. According to the report which has been revealed, the […] More

  • Tech Mahindra and i2Chain collaborate to secure customer information

    One of the largest IT based company, Tech Mahindra has now partnered with the San Francisco based i2Chain which is a blockchain startup to secure the customer’s information and data assets by using the next-gen technologies. Both the i2Chain and Tech Mahindra will provide with the blockchain based cybersecurity application to customers that is much […] More

  • HCL Technologies partners with Google Cloud to enable hybrid cloud

    HCL Technologies which is a leading global technology company, today revealed it has now become a Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner. The new collaboration will help enterprises to accelerate the adoption of GCP at the scale and further strengthens HCL portfolio of cloud services. HCL is also an early adopt of Anthos, Google Cloud new […] More

  • How Bitcoins Exchanges And Wallet Works

    Bitcoin was created in the year 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto created a peer to peer electronic cash system, that is now used worldwide. In the year 2009, the month of January, the first blockchain was mined and the Bitcoin client was then released to the public and after that, the whole Bitcoin network was established. […] More

  • Pentaho Self Service – One tool for entire data pipeline

    In today’s world, one has to deal with a large amount of data. This large level of data integration is possible with the help of the self-service tool – Pentaho. It involves the gathering of data which is stored in so many sources enabling BI and DI to be together. It then presents users with […] More

  • Top 8 Cutting-edge Features Of Apache Spark

    As more and more data getting generated in these days, we require efficient Big Data applications to process this enormous amount of data for valuable insights. Even though numerous open source and commercial platforms are available in the current market such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Tez, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, and others, however, among them, […] More

  • India’s Top Emerging Technology: report by cxovoice

    CXO VOICE is your ideal platform when you are looking for reports, news, Leaders talk, CEOs and CXOs bytes and discussion. We are one of the leading media monitoring and publishing platforms in India that is also making a lot of noise in the international community as well. Information is the essence of business and getting […] More

  • Infogain is One of the First to Use Integrated Automation Anywhere

    Infogain which is one of the leading providers of the technology solutions and partner of the automation anywhere, a leader in the Robotics Process Automation services which is based on announcing the successful deployment and integration of the Automation Anywhere platform with the Google Cloud for a leading digital hospitality company. This achievement gives the […] More

  • Google reveals seven retail tools aiming AI enterprises

    One of the most significant IT product based company Google Cloud has now revealed a suite of seven new retail solutions suffused in the Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence which even consists of visual product search, contact center, AutoML, e-commerce hosting, real-time inventory management, analytics, Recommendations AI and empowered associates. The search giant […] More

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