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  • Augmented Analytics Initiatives Don’t End with Implementation!

    The successful implementation of an augmented analytics solution for business users is not just about choosing a cost-effective tool and completing a timely deployment, nor does the process stop with training. In order to get business users to embrace and adopt self-serve augmented data discovery tools, the enterprise must approach the implementation with appropriate change […] More

  • IIT-Madras launches CCBR for the study of Brain and its workings

    IIT Madras launched Centre for Computational Brain Research (CCBR) on 20 May, 2019, at Bhupat and Jyothi Mehta School of Biosciences in the campus. This formulated workspace provided a house of researchers and staff of the CCBR. The Centre is motivated to build the study of conceptualizing the inside functions of the brain and utilising […] More

  • Google’s AI for lung cancer diagnosis proves more accurate

    After having experimental and researched with the AI models to detect cardiovascular and eye disorders and predicting patient outcomes in the medical records, internet giant Google is now working on the new AI model that will detect the lung cancer, the company revealed in a report. As of now, lung cancer claims to be having […] More

  • Vymo collaborates with Microsoft to power its intelligent personal assistant

    Vymo has announced its collaboration with Microsoft to expand the global presence of its intelligent personal assistant for sales. The partnership will focus on enabling organizations to strengthen their customer relationship management (CRM) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and empower their sales function with predictive and actionable insights. Vymo is already powering an existing base […] More

  • Why Node.Js Is Best Framework For Developers

    There is more than one factor that should be considered when selecting the technology to use when building your app or website. In fact, if you are planning to create apps involving a lot of data read and write operations and depending on the processing speed (media apps, booking systems, e-commerce platform development, fintech software, and others), then Node.js will […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence Impact on Banking Sector in INDIA

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) grows upon banking organisations to entirely redefine the operation and establishment of inventive products and services, while essentially effecting user experience interventions. With the developing machine age and growing factors, banks are estimated to compete with upstart fintech platform benefiting the enhanced technologies that augment or sometimes exchange human workers with sophisticated algorithms. […] More

  • Niti Aayog proposes Rs 7,500-crore plan for Artificial Intelligence development

    The NITI Aayog has now drawn up a plan for creating an institutional framework for the AI in the country. It has also circulated a cabinet note to provide with INR 7500 crore in the funding for the creation of the cloud computing platform called the AIRAWAT and research institutes. A senior government official told […] More

  • World’s first AI whiskey by Microsoft can be the face of future

    AI has definitely brought crazy changes in today’s development world. From education to health, business to medicine, researches have started to add technology everywhere, making the sector nothing but the most powerful. But nobody ever saw AI whiskey, did they? Yes, you’ve read it right. The world turned its head when Microsoft announced the world’s […] More

  • Technology with Automation Stands priority for Businesses

    Automation and Technology have become the most crucial part of our lives and hence we often forget to think about its affects that it lays upon us. From the modern utilization of mobile phones, to the technology built as car, these things are really prevalent. In the profession like business, the words such as automation, […] More

  • Google’s new plan to push Google Pay in India

    In order to strengthen its presence in the growing Indian digital payments industry, Google is now looking to boost up the usage of Google Pay in entire India. According to the report, Google is planning to integrate the payment service which is as of now deeply in the Android applications. The company has also built […] More

  • Infibeam ties up with UAE’s Alrowad to grow web services

    Infibeam Avenues Pvt Ltd, the parent of the payment gateway CCAvenue, revealed on the last Friday that it has now entered into an agreement with the Alrowad Information technology Solutions which is a UAE base to expand its web services and payment platform business in Africa and the Middle East. Under this agreement, both the […] More

  • Quick Heal launches next-gen suite of cybersecurity solutions

    Quick Heal, which is an Indian cybersecurity solution provider has now revealed its next-generation suite of cybersecurity solutions for desktops and laptops, which the company claims is faster, lighter and smarter than its previous release. The new solutions include the upgraded versions of Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Internet Security, and Quick Heal AntiVirus […] More

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