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  • Trend Micro Delivers the Industry’s Most Complete Security solution

    Trend Micro, which is a Tokyo based cybersecurity solution provider will now be going to offer a security solution to help the enterprises protect their workloads on containers and cloud at the same time, it revealed. According to the company report, the solution was developed due to the need to provide protection across the entire […] More

  • Tata, Cisco Redefine Enterprise Networking Solution

    TCS which is a major IT company and Cisco, which is a San Jose, based networking provider has now partnered to provide with a new managed software defined wide area network solution for the enterprises both on-premise and cloud, the firm revealed in a statement. The solution which has been developed from the Tata communications […] More

  • How Julia is Giving Competition to Python – Read Insights Here

    There are various programming languages that are used by various professionals to develop many programs, software, and models. Hence, these are the languages that are helping the professionals to execute their tasks in such simple way. As these programming languages allow them to design and develop software or arrange some sort data in a proper […] More

  • Edtech startups: bridging the gap between students and mentors

    The bond between a student and a teacher or the guru and shishya in India has always found a sacred place in the relationship hierarchy. A teacher or a mentor has always been highly regarded for the wisdom they impart on to their students which helps them succeed or fail in life. Before learning on […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain: The Future of Digital Signatures

    There will be a day when people would look back in time and remember the days when they used the paper signatures to validate legal documents, activate credit cards, and sign an agreement. The digitalization has changed every aspect of our lives and it was inevitable that people had to let go of paper signature […] More

  • Huawei launches world’s first AI cloud database product

    With respect to the growing international scrutiny over its equipment business of the telecom, Huawei which is a Chinese firm has now launched an Artificial Intelligence backed database management product for the large enterprises. Called by the name as a gaussDB, the product works on the premises and cloud both and marks the entry of […] More

  • HP and Siemens Deepen Additive Manufacturing Alliance

    Siemens which is a German industrial company has now revealed an expansion of its additive manufacturing alliance with HP. As a part of the alliance, Siemens and HHP will expand their integrated additive manufacturing solution, incorporating new systems and software including Product Lifecycle management, industrial 3D printing and data intelligence, performance analytics, additive manufacturing factory […] More

  • KT Corporation ties up with Amdocs for 5G solution

    KT Corporation, which is a South Korean based telephone company has now collaborated with America headquartered software services provider Amdocs to launch and monetize innovative 5G for the end enterprises and consumers, according to the report which has been revealed. As a part of the deal, KT Corporation will now be going to use the […] More

  • Popular SaaS Solutions Built with Ruby on Rails Framework

    Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework that has been used by developers all over the world. It has a diverse library and a vast community that renders ROR web development effortless for web developers. The open-source framework is utilized to build dynamic apps and currently has a community of more than 5000 […] More

  • Cloud IaaS market to triple to $150 bn by 2023: Report

    As of now there is a strong demand for the cloud infrastructure as a Service and is also likely to more than triple the size of this market to $150 Billion by the end of 2023 as the approach helps the enterprise in their digital transformation journey, according to the report which has been revealed. […] More

  • Securing the Future of a Smart World – Survey Report

    A10 Networks ‘Securing the Future of a Smart World’ Survey Finds How Mobile Service Providers Are Preparing to Fortify Security in Anticipation of 5G Deployments A10 Networks, a leading provider of security solutions for mobile operators worldwide, announced the findings of the ‘Securing the Future of a Smart World’ Survey in partnership with Business Performance […] More

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    Vodafone Idea selects HPE for its Network OSS platform

    Vodafone Idea which is the largest telecom operator has now partnered with the HPE to use the latter next-gen operation support system platform for its service and network operations center. Vodafone idea SNOC controls the company offering of a mobile platform to more than 334 million subscribers. Vodafone idea as of now is one of […] More

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