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  • Archit Sharma part of ‘Google Brain’ Fellow

    An undergraduate student from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Archit Sharma has made India proud out his achievement as he made to achieve a fellowship of ‘Google Brain’ which is the research team about intelligence of Google. Only 50 students across the world are allowed to be the part of this fellowship program by Google […] More

  • Tesla’s new energy storage plan in California

    Tesla had joined hands with The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), which is the largest electric company in whole United States to manufacture a large number of batteries with a capacity of almost 1.1 GWh. In a report by Electrek stated that the project is going to a state in California has the largest […] More

  • Dell became public trade company after an extensive deal

    Dell Technologies Inc. is the biggest company in the industry of information technology. On Monday Dell revealed the latest news about its decision of becoming public company with an extensive deal to get investors in bulk to know it’s performance with supplementary VMware Inc. Dell Technologies Inc was thinking over this deal months back and […] More

  • Amazon’s cloud with AI going to give benefit to Formula 1 Races

    Amazon Web Services Inc. are getting stronger to hold the best position in public cloud field by joining Formula One Group as its biggest pavilion customer. Formula 1 is planning to shift most of there imperative information systems to AWS cloud for take the benefit of cloud’s machine learning and data analysis services. Formula 1 […] More

  • Nvidia Triples AI Super Computer container in Cloud

    Nvidia added nine new GPU- charged supercomputers container to there cloud services. Nvidia has expanded its Nvidia GPU Cloud to 35 containers and they have also made there about triple than previous year launch. Nvidia is aiming to help most dedicated engineers who are running heavy workloads which use machine learning crush there mathematical equations […] More

  • Facebook Scrapes its Drone Project AQUILA

    Social media giant facebook scraped off its ambitious drone project ‘AQUILA’ that was launched in August 2015 to deliver the delicacies of Internet to the remotest places all over the world. ‘AQUILA’ aircraft  which  was basically a solar powered internet drone, was also known as High Altitude Platform Station(HAPS) System.  FB’s announcement on Wednesday to […] More

  • Audi is in partnership with Israel’s startup Cognata

    Audi a German carmaker company has partnered with an autonomous vehicle simulation provider Cognata Ltd to enhance the growth of self-governing vehicle. The Cognata Ltd is Israel based startup stated that its simulation vehicle is going to create city of real world, we will be providing various methods of testing systems, which include various traffic […] More

  • 16 ways to improve and protect your child’s online reputation

    Make your child a serious candidate for universities and employers Your reputation online can quickly become a nasty monster if you do not take care of it properly. Its strength or decline depends on what you publish, the size of your network and the people who make it up, and how these people respond to your […] More

  • Salesforce to research about Natural Language Processing

    The Salesforce Research team is trying to catch the essence of natural language processing with the help of modern devices. The research team have come up with best kind of device to measure the nuances of natural language processing. In a recent newspaper article, the team has described there intention on research of Natural Language […] More

  • HTC Vive’s Libraries going to introduce VR headsets

    On the same date a year ago Oculus launched its VR headsets to 90 different libraries in California. Now HTC Vive’s Libraries Program has come up with VR headsets in 110 different libraries of California and Navada. These VR headsets was launched HTC to give best VR experience to everyone with HTC has also entered […] More

  • Importance of Outdoor signage ideas and Wall Mounted Signs

    One of the toughest things you can deal with is definitely finding the right outdoor signage ideas that suit your needs. There are so many options out there, that it can be very difficult to acquire the value you want all the time. But then again, you still need to be creative and you have […] More

  • World Economy Forum selected two Indian startups

    International Organisation World Economy Forum on Thursday had released the list of world’s 61 best technology learners around the globe. Those companies which are involved in design, development and enforcement of technology with most promising innovations around the world, wondering to give better to society to reform into good. There were 61 companies and startups […] More

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