Tech stories of 2016- unique & strange ones

tech stories unique of 2016

Science is moving faster than light at times and technology is only going to provide more wonders in the days to come.

However, since technology is more and more becoming a matter of expertise, mainstream media coverage has been few and far between as general public would hardly understand the implications and intricacies of a revolutionary development. However, if you pay attention to the growth of technology even if you are not an engineer, then you will realize that some of the developments can even defy the science fiction stories of the 90s.

Such has been the growth of technology that science fiction is fast becoming an impossible genre. From weapons that could remind you of Star Wars to robots that could only be possible in Blade Runner- science fiction is now palpable reality to an extent. In fact, science is not far away to grant immortality to human beings. In short, the stories of technology nowadays can only baffle the best of science fiction writers.

Google’s impossible innovations and AI reaches new heights

Google can do anything and everything under the sun, or so it seems. So, they were not satisfied with their self-driven cars and they went on to invent a type of human flypaper that will prevent from a human being suffering from worse accidents. So, if the Google car hits you, you won’t be fatally injured which says a lot about it.

Artificial intelligence has reached another level with unlocking the secret of the legendary Chinese game Go. Widely regarded as the greatest game of strategy ever invented and played, and can drive even the greatest chess players sleepless, this game has now been perfected and learned by an AI to the finest extent such that it can challenge even the grandmasters of this game. In fact, it is now the unofficial world champion of the game. While robots were already playing better football than human beings, this is another sign of worry for you.

Improved ear-buds and robots for wars

Serotonin helps you think logically and hence, increasing or decreasing its content can drastically change your experience of the world. This is precisely an ear-bud manufacturing company is planning to do by sending electric impulses to your brain and stimulate the release of necessary hormones. So, automatically you will get a happy feeling and a sudden uplifting experience. In short, it is going to make every kind of music a cheerful one.

tech stories unique of 2016

On the other hand, robotic wars are no longer fantasy films but real events as giant robots have been developed that are loaded with fantastic weapons and a human pilot can operate the robots from a small cockpit. Of course, there are thousands of safety features for both the pilots and spectators as it is only a testing model. But surely, robotic wars do not seem far-fetched anymore.

Microscopic robots and spherical tires

It is not the fancy field of robotics where innovation is happening, but even tires are getting a radical breakthrough this year. Alongside giant robots, microscopic robots have come into picture that can easily operate using a magnetic field and work in colonies. In short, you need to ensure that there is some presence of magnetic field around which must be aplenty in the areas of cellular usage.

While tire may not seem the most sophisticated thing for innovation, Goodyear surely has provided one of the news of the year by producing spherical tires that are empowered to move in any direction. This is surely bizarre to say the least and uses a magnetic levitation system of some kind that requires no axles giving infinite degrees of freedom. However, Goodyear considers it as a technical secret and they will hardly release it in detail. However, there is a 3-D print available which may give some clue about the design.

Immortality and laser bazooka

No, this is no science fiction news. Dead can be revived and Star Wars will become real very soon as a team of researchers are already working on clinically dead patients. By injecting stem cells directly in their brains, they are trying to revive the process that allows the beginning of the dream of immortality. Some patients have agreed to volunteer it and hence, it is surely going to be the story of year if they succeed.

This news, however, is not from an enterprise or a research team from university of high repute. Someone has made a handheld laser of 200 watt power that can ignite anything when pointed at and it is insanely more powerful than the ones used. So, your Star Wars dream of owning a sword of pure energy comes alive in the most unthinkable fashion. While this is do-it-yourself as of now, weapon manufacturers can easily hire the person and start making batches of such dangerously powerful bazookas.


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